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by Kelsey Wright and David Zatz, with thanks to Hans Ensing, Derek Harling, and RustyTrucks . A three-speed manual was standard issue, while a four-speed with a compound first gear was an option. So if anyone knows where we could get a new or old one in good condition please email me He says the Dodge handles and stops just fine, but obviously it wouldn't take much to overrun the 46-year-old suspension and braking technology. [11] Both Dodge's job-rated trucks, and GM's Art-Decos are recognized as prime truck examples of the 1930s Streamline Moderne architecture and design style. Thanks! In May of 1928 Power Wagon magazine already computed a "truly impressive" 1,842 possible configuration combinations, of available models, styles, payload ratings and other options.[8]. I think his name was Merle Coggins. They've been very helpful to me. I have one email me Come take a look at Roy and Jane Braden's modified 1950 Dodge pickup truck, featuring a 318 engine. The K-lettered models were consistently 3-ton rated, but the L-lettered models went against the naming pattern – they were only 2-ton rated. The Truck-O-Matic transmission, a fully automatic transmission was available for ½ and ¾ton models. A woodie version, the "Suburban", was also available from outside companies. The -15s and the -20s had a 120 in (305 cm) wheelbase, but the 1-ton could also be had with 133 in (338 cm) (the TD-/VD-/WD-21). I'm helping my cousin with his 52 B-3-B and we snapped a wheel stud, when we went to a parts store they suggested to press off the one that broke and bring it in so they could take a look at it and try to find us a replacement. [5], After Dodge supplied the U.S. Army with its first four-wheel drive truck in 1934, more modern ​1 1⁄2-tonners were developed, and 1,700 RF-40-X-4(USA) trucks were supplied in 1938, and 292 TF-40-X-4(USA) in 1939. Here’s a sample for the ½ ton. The actual names were Dodge Sportsman, Dodge Tradesman, Dodge Van, at first; they later changed to Ram Van, Ram Wagon, and, briefly. [6] Dodge's Job-Rated trucks used flathead sixes, originally developed by Plymouth, throughout the 1939–1947 range. The B-series pickup trucks were sold from 1948-1953. Chrysler 383 V8 Engine. [25], It has been commented that the front sheet metal design of the T-234 Burma Dodge shows remarkable resemblance to that of the post-war Dodge Power Wagons, and may well have influenced it. Power. [9] The grille design was lightly changed again in 1941, and this style continued through 1947, except for the lower chrome strips, which were omitted post war. Looking for the curb weight of a 53 Dodge D4B 126 Truck? The cargo bed sides were made higher to increase capacity by 40%. The bottom of the range TC, and its successors VC and WC, were ​1⁄2-ton rated, on a 116 in (295 cm) wheelbase. In the same year, compressed natural gas 5.2 L engines became optional for fleet buyers. The B series also includes full-sized vans made by the Dodge division of Chrysler Corporation from 1970 (as early 1971 models) through 2003. There was also a Kary Van extended height model. original flathead 6 cylinder spitfire engine. Is this a wise decision? The Kew Dodge truck story starts with Maxwell Motors’ assembly operation, using imported “kits,” in Kew, Surrey, England. engine from 1939 to 1941, rated at 77 Hp initially, then at 82 Hp, and at 85 Hp in 1941. Please contact me if anyone knows of one for sale. I am thinking of putting something more modern in it. The engine output was 95 horsepower at 3600 rpm and 175 ft-lb of torque at 1600 rpm. Just need the truck. Dodge has used the B series name on two different vehicles, a pickup truck and a van. Second letter G- and H-models were consistently ​1 1⁄2-ton and 2-ton rated, respectively, ranging in wheelbase from 136–220 in (345–559 cm). I think the B-3-B and B-4-B had an option for 116” wheelbase. Now what is needed is a pair (Driver and Passenger Side) of Sun Visors. Does anyone know what years will fit and bolt right in with no changes? In the light half-ton trucks initially a 201.3 Would like to send it to cross member maker for Mustang 2 frontend. Today, this series is the most popular pickups with Dodge truck collectors. The Dodge trucks enjoyed some popularity before the war, and the last of them built in 1942, before Dodge turned to mostly military production, had progressed to the I’ll stick to discussing the ½ ton pickup although showing up at a car show in a 1948 Dodge school bus might be cool. [6] and finally multiplied by 10 (B1500, B2500, B3500) in the mid-1990s. Thanks for any help. The B-series trucks came in several different variants. Those who do know are certainly appreciative. TF-, VF-, and WF-models were either 1-ton or ​1 1⁄2-ton,[nb 2] ranging in wheelbase from 126–190 in (320–483 cm). With World War II taking up most of production capacity from 1942 to 1945, the 1939 styling continued largely unchanged through 1947, as engineering and production became the main focus. The cargo and passenger vans used the same frame and powerplants (both 6- and V8 engines), but the passenger vans had seats for up to 15 passengers (on the extended length, long-wheelbase Maxivans), dual air-conditioning systems (in later years), and large windows on both sides. Gotta have one of those. and finally multiplied by 10 (B1500, B2500, B3500) in the mid-1990s. The ​2 1⁄2-ton rated J-models weren't introduced until the 1946 WJ-55 through WJ-59, ranging from 136–235 in (345–597 cm) in wheelbase. [3] An additional 6-volt auxiliary generator debuted in 1941 on the diesel engines. The B-Series trucks were considered very advanced for their day. Throughout their run, two wheelbases were used: 109 in (2,800 mm) and 127 in (3,200 mm), with an extended length version based on the 127 in (3,200 mm) wheelbase. And lastly, Dodge was the first of the Big Three U.S. auto manufacturers to offer a diesel powered truck — all the more exceptional, given that Chrysler engineered and built their heavy-duty diesel engines all in-house. [9], The 1939–1947 TK- and TL- through WK- and WL-models were also available with a diesel engine – Dodge's own diesel engine – Dodge and Mack Trucks were the only two American automakers of the period before World War II, to have their own diesel engines. It is probably cheaper in Idaho and Montana because of the trucks may be a tad bit rougher due to salted roads, more rust, less competition (smaller population of interested Dodge Truck potential owners?) The B-series trucks featured a high-visibility "pilot-house" cab with optional rear quarter windows. But I may be able to help you. You might want to check out The Dodge Pilothouse Era Truck Club of America ( The front end and dashboard/gauge layout were redesigned for 1951. When it comes to standing out in a crowd, it's hard to beat antique Dodge sheetmetal. The B1-B were ½ ton trucks standard with a 95 hp (71 kW) flathead-straight-six engine while the B1-C were ¾ ton trucks with a standard 108 hp (81 kW) flathead-straight 6 engine. It mounts on the outside of the frame and leaves room for exuast. Do you still have the B1B? (304)210-1000. The bed or cargo box length was 6-1/2”. The truck weighed in at 4,850 lb. engines were dropped from the range, and the ​1⁄2-ton light-duty models received the larger 218 The Pillette Road plant in Windsor, Ontario which made the vans was closed down and later demolished. At the bottom of the range, Dodge offered the three now common pick-up classes (​1⁄2-ton, ​3⁄4-ton and one-ton), as well as a 1​1⁄2-ton pick-up. The number designates year and the third digit indicates tonnage. I put a 318 from a 1983 Dodge 1/2 ton into a '49 Fargo (Dodge). In 1950, more new features were added as the 3-speed manual shift lever was relocated to the steering column instead of on the floor. must see. Hallo Ich suche Teile für einen Dodge PickUp Truck B3B Job Rated ½ TONKühlergrill , die vier Seitenteile (Endstücke) des Kühlergrills mit den Blinkern (Gläser und Reflektor) (MLDG/!Beifahrertür mit Schloss!Weel Horn Ring!Hat einer solche Teile oder kennt eine Adresse wo ich sowas bekommen kann? 1949 Dodge B-series woodie carryall The B-series trucks featured a high-visibility "pilot-house" cab with optional rear quarter windows. */. I was suggested this website by myy cousin. The trucks were powered by a 218 ci, 6 cylinder, L-head motor (flat head). Chrysler 1950-1959 / Chrysler 1960-1969 / Chrysler 1970-1979 / Dodge 1950-1959 / Dodge 1960-1969 / Dodge 1970-1979 / Plymouth 1960-1969 / Plymouth 1970-1979. A sliding door was made optional in 1974; that same year, the original stamped aluminum grille was also replaced with a molded plastic part. When they resumed sales post-war, they continued as the 1946 Dodge W-series. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Dodge B series serial number classification,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Bunn, Don (2003). The Dodge B-Series trucks were produced from 1948 through 1953. What would you offer for it ? The 1950 GMC truck is a slightly bigger, more powerful and stronger version of the 1950 Chevrolet truck. Numerous changes to the drivetrain, body, and suspension were made after 1993, as Dodge tried to make the vans more competitive, leading to a fairly sizeable redesign in 1998, which added numerous features, made the vans more driveable and safer, and added power to the 5.9 L V8 engine. Its purpose was to provide prompt oil supply to the top end of the motor upon starting in cold climates; also when under unusual load. I worked at Napa for 20 years.the filter u need is a 1010 wix.1011 fits to tight anf the 1010 gits like a glove.Does anybody know why,yhe front drums have that extra nipple? Required fields are marked *, #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } School buses and a panel truck were also offered. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); My current favorite models are the so called “Pilothouse” pickups. engine was standard; with 70 Hp in 1939, but uprated to 79 Hp in 1940, and 82.5 Hp by 1941. Don't know if that is useful or not. After that, upgrades to the "B-vans" came more slowly, especially as the vans' utility was in some ways duplicated by the company's own popular Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan minivans. During that time, they were originally numbered B100, B200, and B300; the numbers were later upped by 50 (B150, etc.) Did you know J.D. Similarly, their 116-inch wheelbase and 201-cubic-inch 79-horsepower six-cylinder engine shared much with Dodge's civilian ​1⁄2-ton VC. Regards, Ed". Read on for more features and photos only in Mopar Muscle Magazine I have a 49 that I mounted a 460 big block with no problems, but as with any v8 install the steering box is the only problem I have being in the way of the exuast. 3-speed manual Fluid Drive transmission. Kew Dodge: Dodge Trucks from the United Kingdom. The truck came with a Fram c134a filter but no one carries that anymore apparently. A woodie version, the "Suburban", was also available from outside companies. Did you leave the front suspension stock and did the frame need more support, did you need to modify the trans tunnel. Check out this site for other Pilothouse owners and maybe parts: And this site for flat-head Mopar trucks: A fluid drive standard transmission, with 3 or 4 speeds, became an available option. I also have a 49 B2 (it is now on a 3/4 ton dodge power wagon frame) so, I'm guessing at the B2 designation. More, and also substantial, changes were made for the 2000 model year, but little was changed from then until the final vans. The attention to detail shows on this frame-off rebuild, and many people express surprise that a truck this clean is driven regularly on weekends. Here's how a couple recnet auctions went: 1952 B-3-B $62501953 Big Stake Body $33501949 B-1-B $95001949 B-1-B $6187., I have a 48 D2E ( built in Windsor Ontario) and am looking for any info about it.

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