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68 mins ... Aaron Spaghetti Carbonara. Dominic, Joanne and Matthew faced off in the Pressure Test; to make a black forest cake. Sarah withdrew from the competition to return to her family. In the first round, the eleven contestants had to correctly peel 400 grams of prawns. George also makes a raspberry dessert with jelly, granita and champagne. Marion, Jonathan and Aaron were required to name a variety of nuts to progress to the next round. The Mystery Box challenge saw the contestants choosing between a main and a dessert, with Skye's Crispy Duck winning her the challenge and picking goat as key ingredient in the Invention Test. Aaron cooked off against Maggie Beer, making her pheasant pie. With 10 spots in the Top 24 on the line, the remaining contestants competed in a mise en place challenge. Maggie Beer was a guest judge. Callum and Sharnee were treated to a masterclass on Cheese by Australian cheese expert Will Studd, while the remaining contestants were treated to a steak and kidney sandwich by Gary Mehigan and stir-fried Aubergines in Chili sauce by Kylie Kwong. Team 'Restaurant Arras' (Adam Humphrey, Lovaine Allen, Aaron Eady) face off against Aaron, Joanne and Matthew. Devon, Kate, Courtney, Daniel, Philip, Jimmy, Jake, Peter, Skye, Sharnee and Matthew competed in four rounds testing basic skills. While the Blue Team enjoyed their lunch with Giovanni Pilu, the Red Team faced off in a two-round Elimination challenge. Each contestant explained the concept of their cookbook to the judges. The perfect steak is on tonight's menu along with George's Greek. Callum, Joanne, Peter and Skye faced off in the Pressure Test; to recreate George Calombaris' oyster terrine. Alvin showed how to make his Drunken Chicken with Bruised Cucumber Salad and Fiona demonstrated her Chocolate Ganache Tart with Lavender Cream and Fresh Raspberries. MasterChef - S2 Ep. The second asked the contestants to julienne carrots. A list of the most recent or latest TV show additions. The winner's prize is choosing the ingredients for tomorrow's mystery box challenge. They were required to prepare the food at the MasterChef Kitchen and reheat it in the galley of a Qantas Airbus A380. The first round involves basic skills tests. The two teams were tasked with preparing a 3 course meal for a normal family and judges Matt Preston and Curtis Stone, on a tight budget and time limit. Teams were tasked with creating a 3 course menu suitable for Qantas business class passengers. The 10 worst performers were sent into a pavlova pressure test led by Donna Hay. Add them to your filter. In the Elimination Challenge, Joanne and Jonathan both recreated one of Brett Graham's dishes. Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English. Teams were faced with a seemingly simple challenge; to bake five traditional Australian afternoon tea staples made famous by the Country Women's Association. Allowed latin and ! Justin North also helps the contestants make crackling pork. With a Japanese theme, Adam was favourite to win the challenge but it was Callum who triumphed. Check out which shows are most popular at this moment in time. In a twist, it was the Top 7 contestants who were unknowingly deciding their fate; judging the six dishes under the pretence of learning how to critique a dish. Jonathan won the first round; to correctly name different birds' eggs. 308 have watched this episode. Aaron and Adam emerged as winners with their curry, and won the chance to face off in a mystery challenge for immunity. Each of the contestants identified the correct meat, but each contestant's dish had flaws; Callum's Stroganoff lacked enough sauce and his pasta was overcooked, Matthew put too much tomato paste in his Stroganoff and Sharnee incorrectly used nutmeg instead of paprika. Gary and George then felt the pressure in their own mystery box challenge. It was revealed to the contestants that this Invention Test would take place in London. As the Blue Team and Red Team enjoyed their lunch at Sailor's Thai, the four contestants were asked to name the ingredients of a traditional Bouillabaisse in a taste test Elimination Challenge. The series was won by Greta Yaxley from Claremont, Western Australia. Gary and George showed the contestants how to make the perfect pizza, while Gary also served up an English rice pudding, and George cooked up some chicken oysters with homous and fatoush. Gary cooked braised BBQ'd ribs with homemade sauce and George offered up a Waldorf salad. Meanwhile guest chef Matt Moran had quesadillias on the menu and a berry and frangipane tart. They were faced with an Invention Test, with the freedom to choose from an extensive range of ingredients. The two teams were tasked with preparing a Classic French 3-course meal for Matt Preston, Tetsuya Wakuda and Guillaume Brahimi. Teams had to travel to Paris by the Eurostar, find the truffle shop, buy their ingredients from the market travelling via the Eiffel Tower, and prepare their meals on the banks of the Seine, all in 5 hours. In the first ever Super Challenge, contestants raced from London to Paris, France with the task to create a two-course meal based around the French favourite, the truffle. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. In a close elimination. The first stage involved separating egg yolks and whites. Sign Up Now! While the Red Team enjoyed their lunch at Bilson's, Aaron and Jimmy were required to 'fix that dish', an unappetising coq au vin. The second series of Junior MasterChef Australia, the second spin off of the Australian reality television series MasterChef Australia, premiered on Sunday, 25 September 2011. A good old English Sunday Roast was Gary's dish of the day while George cooked up lasagne with a twist. When it came to scoring the teams, Claire and Jonathan's Fruit Cakes and Peter and Marion's Neopolitan Cakes were judged to be of such poor standard as to not warrant scoring at all. Callum and Adam each spent time with a chef, from the markets to service, with Justin North and Peter Kuruvita. In the third, the first 10 contestants to shuck 12 oysters satisfactorily moved onto the final stage, wherein Marion, Adele, Courtney and Daniel successfully cut 6 fillets of salmon weighing between 170g and 190g first, gaining their places in the Top 24. Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Over half of the ingredients had been correctly named when a contestant incorrectly guessed 'white wine' and was eliminated. Simkl automatically tracks what you’re watching, tells you how many episodes you’ve missed, and connects you to what your friends are into. Jimmy named the most fish correctly, leaving Aaron and Alvin to face off in the second round; to cook the perfect fish and chips. 'Home-style cooking' theme. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. 'Modern Australia' theme. The Red Team struggled with their dessert, and Callum was chastised by the judges for his poor handling of the situation. View the full list of currently airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the full list of cancelled or no longer airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the list of your selected shows having episodes that you have not yet watched, View the shows you've hidden from being counted in your profile, Is your favourite show not on the Calendar? As well as picking the core ingredient, Claire was given the power to choose the pairs for the challenge. Most contestants thrived in making their own pasta, leading the judges to award a Top 6, with Aaron wowing with his remarkable invention. Aaron and Marion are treated to a masterclass in artisan baking by Michael Klausen, while Gary and George cook up a dish of lamb backstrap fillet cooked in a Barramundi skin with flesh from the fish, along with a shiitake mushroom sauce and hash browns. An overview of your most recently watched episodes and most total watched shows. The Invention Test was based around the 'seven deadly sins', with each contestant creating a dish based on one of the sins. London Week Day 2: Chef Challenge - Martin Blunos, London Week Day 3: Super Off Site Challenge, Finals Week - Day 3 - Mystery Box Challenge, Finals Week - Day 4 - Signature Dish Challenge. Shaun Presland shows how simple Japanese is. In the end, each dish had its problems: Peter's sauce was too floury, Carrie's sauce was too thin, her sausage grainy and she failed to plate up the spinach, and Jimmy's spinach was gritty and his duck breast overcooked. Jonathan won the first round and was safe. Marion, Jake and Joanne face an elimination taste test. They had 1hr 45min to complete three dishes with three core ingredients for three Celebrity Chefs, Matt Moran, Kylie Kwong and Ian Curley. Teams struggled with the language barrier, navigating a foreign city and finding necessary ingredients. Fiona was the victor and picked tropical fruit as the Invention Test's core ingredient. Carrie, Kate and Fiona faced off in the Pressure Test after cooking the three least impressive dishes in the Invention Test. Peter was given the power to not only pick the core ingredient for each country's cuisine, but also to pick the members of each team. After a mystery box challenge, 4 contestants will be through to the Top 24, and 4 will be sent home. Their task was to recreate a dish by Australian food icon, Stephanie Alexander, a confit duck-neck sausage with grilled duck breast in sour cherry sauce, potato crisps and buttered spinach. Later, the remaining seven contestants, without Joanne, visit Donna Hay for some styling tips. Heston praised the contestants' attempts at dishes he'd taken years to perfect with Alvin and Marion's recreation of 'Sound of the Sea' deemed the most impressive. Despite this setback, he and 4 others kept their spots in the competition, while 5 contestants were eliminated. Following the mise en place challenge, the remaining contestants had to follow a recipe from Matt Moran, with poor performers gradually eliminated in stages. Contestants were tasked with creating a dish that represented themselves and their cooking philosophy.

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