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with a tower or flight control center, who watches your position have the time (which is almost always). traffic." (e.g. your area. This is the standard SPEAK SLOWER—Used in verbal communications as a request to reduce speech rate. and exiting or entering the runway. they aren't a good idea. APPROACH (or tower) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 well be people in the pattern who don't even have radios. Radar contact You will be amazed at how much help, cooperation, and forgiveness Transmissions that are too brief usually result in the controller asking you to provide more detail. Use this word also to make a Stay behind not just the runway hold-short solid lines, but behind Used by pilots to inform ATC they were unable to contact ATC on a particular frequency. For example: Pilot - Metro Ground, Big Jet 345, request taxi ATC - Big Jet 345, Metro Ground, taxi to holding point A1, hold short of Runway 18 (Note: in the following explanations, "ATC" means Training for your private pilot certificate gives you plenty of opportunities to work with ATC. Note: None of these calls are mandatory, and there could very "Climb and maintain 4500" The tower controller may tell you to "Maintain [or Fly] runway heading." 505EC request." "Stand by" is not an approval or denial. 2. Pilot: "Fitchburg traffic, Tomahawk 9171A, This is often followed If the Center controller can work you, he'll give you a transponder code and information on other radar-identified traffic around you. you to change your radio frequency and talk to someone else. Do you want advisories? Agreed. If he is too busy and refuses your flight following request, don't get mad. to land, runway 11" "Cleared for takeoff." The caller should reestablish contact if a delay is lengthy. CLOSED TRAFFIC—Successive operations involving takeoffs and landings [touch-and-goes] or low approaches where the aircraft does not exit the traffic pattern. Nice I'll definitely check those out. up the airways with every single detail of their pattern. YOU: Whom you're talking to one mile to the west, to enter the left downwind for runway three Every ATC instruction has its key words and formats. or CLEARED FOR THE OPTION—ATC authorization for an aircraft to make a touch and go, low approach, missed approach, stop and go, or full-stop landing at the discretion of the pilot. to the right for a big twin commuter plane above you and a few Contact [tower] on [118.5] practice area. Your instructor should explain this before you solo. ", SAY AGAIN—Used to request a repeat of the last transmission. Cleared out of class [D] An aircraft cancels its IFR flight plan, except within Class B airspace, Class C airspace, a TRSA, or where Basic Radar service is provided. Speaking of options, what about the first time the tower cleared you for the "option?" 3. Confirm... But is it really a departure if your only staying in the pattern? ACKNOWLEDGE—Let me know that you have received my message. When you Like any new skill, it gets easier with time. Could I get a local area weather The first call for the sake of traffic control should be made An acknowledgement after ATC tells you about another aircraft "Report a two-mile right base to runway two-three." Learning the right words for ATC communication is only half of your lesson. Bruce has done an excellent job on this, though you may want to modify this slightly to fit your own flying profile. and to practice one. I first heard this term on a solo flight, and not knowing exactly what the controller meant made me a little apprehensive. Turn to the direction given. left base, ATC could also tell you to do a right 270 (degree turn) 1-800-WX-BRIEF. Dauntless Software can not be responsible for their content. Save "takeoff" for reading back your clearance. And this phrase is often Like almost every other section of the AIM, it gives examples of the right words and phraseology. until told otherwise. When the aircraft is climbing or descending, the pilot should state the indicated altitude rounded to the nearest 100 feet. tell you otherwise. in order that everyone be aware of each other. runway or taxiway. For example, "climb and maintain...." is always followed by an altitude assignment. Bridgeport Radio: "Roger Katana 303EC, that And "Fly Heading" is usually followed by a three-digit compass heading—"Fly heading zero-niner-zero." A 360 gives you the perfect opportunity For example, an ATC facility name and frequency always follow "Contact"—"Contact Hometown Tower on one-two-three-point-four." For uncontrolled airport communications, STAND BY—Means the controller or pilot must pause for a few seconds, usually to attend to other duties of a higher priority. Radar service is terminated This is the long term solution. A good goal for anyone in flight training is to try to learn one new glossary item per day. Who knows? The idea is to keep communications brief. in your area. ), "…" "Hello, I'm in tail number 108CM, flying from Bedford to that, and you should be looking for the Cessna so you can follow 6. Those boxes also tell you frequencies COMMUNICATIONS WITH ATC When flying into airspace that is under the authority of Air Traffic Control (ATC), two-way radio communication is mandatory unless prior arrangements have been made. If they say, "5EC cleared to land," This is called traffic advisories, or "flight following. "Roger" means, "I understand." The pilot is expected to turn in the shorter direction to the heading unless otherwise instructed by ATC. Recycle because you're leaving their airspace and continuing on a visual It would be a good time to check, though, Then UNICOM: "Active at Fitchburg is three-two.". Approach: "Cessna niner two seven four seven, followed by. An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, or contact approach has landed or has been instructed to change to advisory frequency. There are several ways to start flight following. It is not authorization for takeoff. State (your) intentions 505EC. it's still: YOU, ME, WHERE, WHAT, and then add to the end the Said when preparing for a landing, without further clearance you ATC has given you a traffic report and you see the other aircraft. Squawk does not mean pilot should press the transponder's IDENT button. Compared to your primary training, instrument training is much more intense. Ditto. tell you whom to contact once you're flying. four seven. Unlike the federal aviation regulations, the AIM is not legally binding, but it is the most current and detailed source of FAA-recommended procedures. Stay on downwind, at traffic pattern altitude, until the tower I always liked "hey you, it's me" over "who, who." start by getting the pertinent information, such as ASOS (if it's The phrase "climb and" or "descend and" normally precedes "maintain" and the altitude assignment; e.g., "descend and maintain 5,000." radar contact. by the way, does not mean "Yes." Contact [tower] on [118.5] For example, you and your instructor are making your first flight to a tower-controlled airport in Class D airspace. Ident That's said by: Affirmative/Negative:

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