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Top Ten Reasons Why Learning a Foreign Language Can Help You Succeed, Stay Fluent: 10 Ways to Maintain Your Foreign Language Skills, Parlez-vous Francais? I need 5 Quotes for the sections 1-18 that have something to do with: 1. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and … So. (632-638). Things can't get much more clear cut than that. (1016-8). Beowulf may be a battle between good and evil, but the two sides are nowhere near equal. (2177-2179). After many trials,he was destined to face the end of his daysin this mortal world; as was the dragon,for all his long leasehold on the treasure. The Spear-Danes in days gone by and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness. lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. But that's the perspective of our culture. It's not always clear whether Beowulf is victorious because of his own strength and prowess, because of God's favor, or because he's fated to be on the side of good. He doesn't take undue advantage of his enemies or his friends. Study Help Famous Quotes from Beowulf. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Now I must follow them. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Make sure your voice is heard Search all of SparkNotes Search Suggestions Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Hrothgar, beginning to show his age, is feeling overwhelmed by this new challenge. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Lines 2677-2687: In his final battle with the dragon Beowulf is able to act courageously by keeping thoughts of glory in mind. When a warrior is gone,that will be his best and only bulwark." Being heroic and courageous is very important to the story of Beowulf. Beowulf, son Ecgtheow, spoke: “Do not lament, wise sire! It's our first clue that, even though Beowulf is all about good versus evil, the definition of "good" may not be what we expect. Lines 572-573: Beowulf suggests here that sometimes you must ignore fate and make decisions with your instincts by being courageous. A daunting man, dangerous in action and eager for it always. I well know That things he has done for us deserve better. Beowulf slices Grendel's arm off, and it is clear the monster will not survive the attack. His soul fled from his breastto its destined place among the steadfast ones. Rise to greatness through strength 5. Undaunted, sitting astride his horse,the coast-guard answered, "Anyone with gumptionand a sharp mind will take the measureof two things: what's said and what's done.I believe what you have told me: that you are a trooployal to our king." Log in here. 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Ng Chee Tat Philip Family, My God Is Bigger Than My Fear, The Obsessed The Obsessed, Xiaomi Mi 4c Band, My God Is Bigger Than My Fear,