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You have my pity, "Just to be clear, being the Ultimate Affluent Progeny is only one of my many talents. Twogami Now go away, you bore me. Byakuya Togami is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.His title is the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. He is also extremely reluctant to admit to any mistakes he might have committed. Hobby It was then that the lights went out and the school began to shake. After investigating and finding a few more clues, Byakuya took Makoto to the library and showed him the Genocide Jack case file, where Makoto learned that Genocide Jack has a case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. He and the two others came to save the remaining students by activate the Forced Shutdown. It means if you can only obtain something inferior, that's still better than longing for something better. Ultimate Affluent ProgenyUltimate Despair Nov 24, 2018 - Explore Kaylie Gilmore's board "Byakuya Togami" on Pinterest. Satan (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Lucifer Magne (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Current Owner, The Lord of Chaos and Madness, He is not interested in co-operating with others due to his own sense of self-superiority, and his opinion that others are, on the whole, lesser than him. Alive ", Chapter 4: "...Your reward is withheld. The Togami Family controls the world! Byakuya also escapes Hope's Peak in the novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc IF with all the classmates alive. (al parecer, nunca estudió ni convivió antes con chicos "normales"). He returned in the second game as the Future Foundation member, along with Makoto and Kyoko. 1 Appearance 1.1 2 Early Life 3 Mastermind Version 4 Trivia 5 Gallery He has blue eyes and glassses. A menudo es frío, contundente y taciturno, pero tiene una tendencia sinuosamente manipuladora. トガミ ビャクヤ Very well, I shall be your master. It's only natural for me to do whatever I want in this world. Fanon The Togami family has a "peculiar inheritance system", in which the male head of the family does not take a wife, but instead couples with exceptional women from around the world, in order to bear as many children as possible. ", "I've been sacrificing all this valuable time of mine for *, "You can't even imagine. Byakuya agrees to partner with Makoto in his "mission" to repay his debt to Komaru and Toko for saving his life, and reminded with a genuine smile of Makoto's words at the end of the Killing School Life's final trial: "hope keeps on going". Dislikes I'll train you thoroughly later. This meant that Byakuya went missing from the Coalition for a time before the Daughter Incident occurred. In the Danganronpa Visual Fanbook, there is a description of executions for all of the characters who did not have one. The Togami bloodline does not shy from necessary action. ", Chapter 3: "...There's gum on the bottom of my shoe., "But we all do what we must, in the end. But I didn't. Supporting Makoto, Byakuya and the remaining students voted for Hope - causing Junko to fall into one last episode of despair shortly before she executed herself in The Ultimate Punishment. Let's be together for the rest of our lives. He began to make plans to facilitate what would soon become known as the Eveline Incident. After leaving Hope's Peak Academy all students lose their ultimate title, and as a result Byakuya's new title became Former Ultimate Affluent Progeny. Komaru recorded a message to give to her brother Makoto, which he delivered to him. Byakuya Togami After he won, he took a different twist, he took it to greater twist. Once they were safe in the real world, Byuakuya informed Kyoko Kirigiri she had returned it in time for Makoto Naegi's birthday. Using an extension cord which would lead the other students to deduce he could be a suspect, he crucified Chihiro's body on a weight bench frame and wrote Genocide Jack's calling card "Blood Lust" on the wall in Chihiro's blood. Tiene una tendencia fuerte hacia el aburrimiento, lo que le hace disfrutar del juego de Monokuma, siendo al principio uno de sus más entusiastas participantes. If an opponent isn't going to give it their best, where's the fun for me? and created a fighting force called the Coalition. A pesar de su continuo e hiriente rechazo, -con el que expresa con frecuencia irritación, tanto hacia el comportamiento obsesivo de Toko como el de Genocide Jill-, a menudo usa la poco saludable actitud de la Literata para su beneficio, mandoneando a ambas. Listen up! When the students awoke, they found themselves as players in a sick game by an unknown mastermind. Because Byakuya was raised in such a highly competitive environment of "haves" and "have-nots", he thinks all people only think about themselves and he dismisses emotional ties as petty and unimportant, in his own words: Due to his lack of emotional ties with the other students, Byakuya was able to emotionally distance himself from the horrors of the Killing School Life, and thus proved to be one of the most competent and insightful investigators in the group due to his high level of intelligence. ", "If I'd uncovered anything, naturally I would have more to say. This is completely different from the usual selfish behavior of the actual Byakuya Togami in the first game. Kisho Taniyama accused Byakuya of wanting Bailey dead for personal reasons, but Byakuya reasoned he was only thinking of the overall group's survival. Through this, he managed to amass a personal wealth of over four billion dollars, despite his young age. I, of course, fit this mold. He did not trust any of the other students, assuming any of them could be plotting a murder. I said that I'd kill the, "You seem to think it's merely an issue of title. Understanding that someone had to be made to pay for what occurred, Byakuya allowed himself to be arrested by the Coalition. This detachment would thus sometimes make him zero in on red-herring suspects and aggressively pursue them simply because he could not imagine an emotionally-driven motive. ", "It seems I am unwelcome here. Él era el hermano menor y heredero del gigante financiero de la familia Togami. Someone could easily poison our food. I fear just looking at you can get something stuck to me.”, “That’s coming from the girl whose hobby is touching bodies. These will aid you, usually during Class Trials. Like the battle he had faced with to earn his place in the Togami family, he decided to treat the Killing Game as the game is claimed to be, one he intended to win. "Luck" means nothing in the Togami family. Tiene conocimientos avanzados de francés. ♉ May 5 Byakuya appeared during the event's climax as one of the Diver's saviors. The students lived peacefully inside the school building for a year without knowing that the Ultimate Despair members were already in their midst. ", "I'm only here to get breakfast. Stage ", "So I'm going to begin my search. ", "My family would never fall! ", "Rather than wasting time bickering, we should put our minds to work solving this mystery. Perhaps the intel itself was a trap to lure us here..." (, "So you don't even know Monokuma?

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