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No one knows when the first humans arrived, but archeologists have found evidence of Paleoindians from 11,500 years ago. Most of these settlers were male immigrants from England who died soon after their arrival. Chesapeake and New England colonies Comparison Life in the Chesapeake Colonies was much different than it is now. The political structure of the Southern Colonies and the Chesapeake region and the manner of the different American political figures reflected the structure of the British Government. Settlers started replacing indentured servants with slaves because they could be driven harder with little to no compensation. Although they had started a new life in a new place they remained faithful to the king of England. The two oldest colonies in the southern portion of English America—Virginia and Maryland—established the Church of England in the seventeenth century, in 1607 and 1692 respectively. The young colony soon became a satellite of South Carolina, and in a few years had 15,000 enslaved black people working on the plantations.[11][12]. Though some were honest men, wishing to scrape out a new life in the new world, many of these men were criminals, waifs, and convicts, sent to the new world as punishment. Get Your Custom Essay [8], In the early 17th century, Americans in Virginia and Maryland discovered tobacco to be very profitable. The local government involved the county court system which dealt with issues in the immediate town. 1st Period Throughout the 17th century many people of English origin flooded into the new world with the thought of a new beginning. The Catholics that had arrived to Maryland were escaping religious discrimination. New Englanders was centered on religion and family while Chesapeake revolved around young men trying to make money. Religion in the Chesapeake region was not at all common, except in a few areas. During the British colonization of North America, the Thirteen Colonies provided England with much needed money and resources. In the Chesapeake Bay area cities included only Baltimore, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia, in the Chesapeake region, and in the southern colonies, Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. They believed public education was key to resist the devil, which resulted in the Old Deluders act. The weakness in the church of the colonies had a positive effect on other religions that moved to the colonies. As much power as the governor had, the ability of the assembly to exert power over the British-appointed governor led was a display of the division between the colonies and their mother country.[19]. This group, collectively known as yeoman farmers, constituted the majority of European colonists in the South and the Chesapeake areas. 4  Pages. Massachusetts, New England, Plymouth Colony 1064  Words | 6  Pages. During the early 16th century and into the early 17th century, European colonies rapidly colonized the newly found Americas. You can get your England, Political system, Native Americans in the United States 863  Words | This proves that the types of people that settled in these regions, led to the religious diversity between them. This colony allowed them to worship whomever they chose. The church was governed from London. Premium They were highly stratified by wealth. Chesapeake Bay Homes in Colonial Times by Hans D. Religion in the Chesapeake Colonies by Andrea R. Education in the Chesapeake Colonies by Ashleigh H. Trade in the Chesapeake Colonies by Karen C. Hygiene in the Chesapeake Colonies by Shyra W. Pedigree mattered more than anything, and wealthy, English families stood at the top of the social ladder. Maryland had many Catholics. who emerged from the ships had huge plans and tremendous goals for what would come of their own colony. While North Carolina adopted the practices and economy of Virginia due to similar environmental set up and immigrant ethnicity, South Carolina developed differently because of the large influx of immigrants from Barbados. The local government involved the county court system which dealt with issues in the immediate town. Religion, political systems, and the types of people who occupied the New England and the Chesapeake regions, contributed to why they had evolved into two distinct societies over time. However, although both settled regions were the new homes to a majority of the English, two separate societies formed. Most colonists moving from Great Britain to New England were families searching for religious salvation, rather than mostly the single men that traveled to the Chesapeake area in search of wealth. In contrast the colonies were very different societies. Although the, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Later the colonists demanded a court system known as General Court and a representative government. The colony of Maryland was intended as a sanctuary for Catholics after being mistreated when the Catholic Church separated from the Church of England. The gentleman of Virginia did not like the authorities of religion’s power centralized. These differences in beliefs led to the variations in the types of governments. The problems in the colonies did not relate to its necessities. Fantasies of the New World had largely appealed to troubled England. However, many of the traits of local governments remained intact. Much like the old world, colonial America was divided into a rigid social structure. While the colonies were separated geographically from their homeland, the powerful political influence of the King and Parliament greatly affected their politics. Premium Fifth Edition. The people of the Chesapeake region revolved around making money. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. Since there were an equal number of males and females the birth rate was through the roof. And of course it did not help that, since tobacco prices were unstable from the Navigation Acts, there was a prolonged economic depression. The desirable niche that tobacco held in the world market resulted in great prosperity for the regions in which it was grown. Compare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society (to 1740) in TWO of the following regions: New England Chesapeake Middle Atlantic The Impact of Religion on the Development of Colonial America During the seventeenth century, colonial America was welcoming many newcomers, several from England. Class hierarchy. During the 1630`s to the 1660`s the Puritans had a frat influence on the New England colonies. White indentured servants were also common in this region early in its settlement, gradually being replaced by African slaves by the latter half of the seventeenth century due to improved economic conditions in Europe and the resulting decrease in emigration to the Chesapeake region. Anglicans did not like the religious view of Native Americans and most Africans. New England vs. Chesapeake: Religion and People. These two colonies divided based on their values and goals for their future, New England believed in unity, religion, and family, while the Chesapeake region believed in success, working alone, and entrepreneurship. The tobacco also depleted nutrients in the soil,[1][2] and new land was continually needed for its cultivation. Many people decided they needed to escape England due to religious persecution and poverty. It was hard choice made by many European settlers when considering to what colony to go to. In the New England region the main focus was religion and family. These issues were discussed in the town meeting which only men were allowed to attend. European explorers first arrived in the 1500s, and European colonies began to take hold following the founding of Jamestown in 1607. In addition to religion and political systems, the types of people that settled in these regions contributed to the differences. Parishes were the geographic unit that organized Anglican communities on both sides of the Atlantic. [17], The first democratically elected government was the House of Burgesses, which was first convened in 1619 by Governor George Yeardley in Virginia. Although these areas were colonized by the same type of people, many differences existed amongst them. The Archaic and Woodland peoples followed. Religion in the Chesapeake region was not at all common, except in a few areas. The Chesapeake Colonies were the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, later the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Province of Maryland, later Maryland, both colonies located in British America and centered on the Chesapeake Bay. Tobacco, rice, and indigo, which were enumerated products, could only be traded to Britain which had advantages and disadvantages. Tobacco products, lumber, grain and boats. Premium Tobacco became a very popular crop and required lots of land and labor. The New England and Chesapeake colonies developed into two different societies due to their differences in economics, social development, and religion. In 1624, the early 17th century, the religious group called the Puritans, settled for the first time in the New England territory. (2016, Sep 11). Furthermore the political systems that existed in the New England and Chesapeake regions were also different. Experienced slaves were brought from Africa to cultivate rice and indigo. [20] These governors resembled the King and kept order throughout the colonies. Any person that wanted to become a priest had to go to England for the education. [7] Finally, at the top of the social ladder stood old, wealthy English families, clergymen, magistrates and large land holders in America. Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, British America 805  Words | By the 18th century the slave population outnumbered the white population. Religion was a main aspect in the differences between New England and Chesapeake. A large portion of land in the South was frontier "back country" that was less settled and abutted Indian land. Chesapeake Colonies: Virginia, Maryland By 1700, the Virginia colonists had made their fortunes through the cultivation of tobacco, setting a pattern that was followed in Maryland and the Carolinas. The husband was master of his household and expected to earn a living for his family. Although the New England and Chesapeake colonies both had English immigrants, they differentiated due to economic, social, and religious causes. Connecticut, Native Americans in the United States, Cape Cod 713  Words | Mark C. Carnes & John A. Garraty, The American Nation: A History of the United States, Pearson Education, 2006. In political and religious matters, Virginia differed considerably from the New England colonies. Later the colonists demanded a court system known as General Court and a representative government. It is an excerpt from A.G Macdonnel’s humorous novel ‘England, their England’. In 1660, the King tightened up the royal government's hold in the colonies due to uprisings throughout the South and the Chesapeake region.

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