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What many people don’t know is that the present Vice President of the United States is far from being Karen Pence’s first husband as the second lady of America has dabbled into matrimony once in her life; this happened when she was still very young and impressionable. As he explained to The Hill in 2009, "My whole approach to my career has been to vote right and go home for dinner." To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Karen and Mike Pence met at the parking lot at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Indianapolis in 1983. Who could blame you! At the time, Whitaker was a medical student. She taught at several elementary schools such as John Strange Elementary and Acton Elementary, which are based in Indianapolis. She has taught at Acton Elementary, John Strange Elementary, the Orchard School, and Fall Creek Elementary all in Indianapolis. According to IndyStar, the first place the couple met was at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, where during the mass, Karen was strumming her guitar, while Mike Pence was among the rest of the parishioners. According to the IndyStar, It made perfect sense; after all, Karen had said that they "seemed to have everything in common.". “Normally, the vice presidential debate is inconsequential. ", Of course, Pence's personal policy led to widespread backlash and a Twitter feeding frenzy with the criticism being that it's, well, blatantly sexist. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. What is a Support Bubble in Tier 2? In 1999, Mike penned an op-ed on a website for his radio talk show (via BuzzFeed News), in which he claimed that "some mischievous liberal at Disney assumes that Mulan's story will cause a quiet change in the next generation's attitude about women in combat." She met Mike Pence at Mass at St Thomas Aquinas Church. You heard that right, without his sobriety shepherd, Karen Pence, don't expect to be graced with the vice president at your next shindig. The former First Lady of Indiana has undergone a transformation ahead of the Presidential election. After shaking off his nerves, Mike tried again. Being a political leader comes with a great deal of stress, and that stress needs to be balanced with some relaxation. Spooking himself upon recognizing her voice, he hung up. She holds a BS and MA degrees in elementary education from the university. Born on January 1, 1957, Karen Pence is an American educator, teacher, painted, and the current Second Lady of the United States since 2017. Yes! In fact, the attitude is eerily similar to that of the Anti-Saloon League. As it stands, the Pences are a package deal. But while she is mostly known for her union with Mike Pence, this isn’t her first marriage. Since she left the classroom, Karen Pence has obviously missed her profession as an announcement surfaced in the first month of 2019 that the Second Lady of the United States was set to take back her job at Immanuel Christian School as the art teacher. Raised in Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis, Karen Pence attended Bishop Chatard High School; graduating as valedictorian for her year. Prior to marrying Pence, Karen was married to her high school sweetheart John Steven Whitaker. The ASL was a religious group that spearheaded the prohibition movement by any means necessary, including teaming up with the Ku Klux Klan. She mostly paints portraits of houses and historic buildings. While Mike Pence may not be a contributor to the country's divorce rate, his wife surprisingly is. Karen met Pence at Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church and the two got engaged in 1984. Unable to summon the courage to ask for Karen's number, the future vice president decided his next best option would be to go to his school's registrar office to get the phone number of Karen's sister and get "the scoop" on the musician. Karen was a teacher for 25 years before Mike became a governor of Indiana. Full Name: Karen Sue Pence Karen Pence, 63, is the current second lady of the United States. Pence, on the other hand, pushes this idea to the extreme, revealing to The Hill in 2002 (via The Washington Post) "that he won't attend events featuring alcohol without [his wife] by his side." The Best Vodafone Ghana Bundles and Broadband Packages For You. Karen and Mike Pence met at the parking lot at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Indianapolis in 1983. This may be due to the fact that nearly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. However, when her husband declared his political ambition of running for the VP of the United States, she had to put the business on hold. In October 2020 Karen showed off her new haircut and weight changes. Born as Karen Sue Batten, she was born to Lillian and John M. Batten. They eventually met for a taco salad dinner date, followed by some ice skating with Karen's niece and nephew. Odd but endearing, while we don't expect Mike to be getting any late-night phone calls from the police commissioner (à la Batman), we think Adam West would approve. Soon after her divorce, Karen met Mike Pence at a Mass in St. Thomas Aquinas Church, in late 1983. His father, Edward, has also served in the country’s army at the time of the Kor… In other news, What is a Support Bubble in Tier 2? Inside Karen Pence’s Marriage to Mike Pence, Offices She Has Held And... 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Karen Pence is the wife of Vice President Mike Pence and the second lady of the US. Karen is reportedly lifting weights, counting calories, and using pulleys to tone her body. Karen’s first husband is called Dr. John Steven Whitaker. She was the First Lady of Indiana during her husband’s term as governor of the state from 2013 to 2017. She grew up in Broad Ripple Village. Who is Debby Clarke Belichick ‘Bill Belichick’s Ex-Wife’? Pence, I love how you’ve updated your look.”, Another added: “Mrs. Lo and behold, I would go in the water for a dip or up to the house for a beverage, and when I came back to my towel, it was gone!" Karen Pence is the wife of Vice President Mike Pence and the second lady of the US. If you shift this spotlight toward his second in command, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Second Lady Karen Pence, we think you'll find that they follow suit. One fan wrote: “Mrs. They married the following year and had three children: Michael, Charlotte and Audrey. After all, roughly 30 percent of Americans don't even drink ... though it may be worth mentioning that 10 percent of them drink the equivalent of 12 six-packs of beer a week. To say that these beliefs are a bit dated is, well, an understatement. People have congratulated Karen for her lifestyle changes on social media. Things were going so well, in fact, that after just eight months of dating, the future Mrs. Pence was already planning for marriage. Beautiful 2.5 mile hike at the Compton Peak Trail at @ShenandoahNPS! The second lady enjoys hiking and has shared her hiking photos on Instagram. The following twenty-five years of her life would be dedicated to education and teaching. Political Party: Republican Mike Pence was born on June 1959 in the Columbus city of Indiana State, USA. Bradley Cooper Shares A Daughter With Ex-Girlfriend Irina Shayk – Inside His Life Since... Facts About Ricegum – His Girlfriend, Real Name & Net Worth, Who is Cory Booker? The pair married in 1978 and divorced shortly after. Contrary to what you might think, Mike Pence doesn’t call his wife, Honey, Sweetie, or the many pet names we’re used to. As it turned out, Karen didn't have to hold on to her cross for too long, as just a month later, Mike popped the question — and she had her response written in gold. Having pet names for your significant other is by no means strange. The 63-year-old was the former First Lady of Indiana from 2013 to 2017 and was also a school teacher and painter. Have something to tell us about this article? On getting into office, Pence launched the First Lady’s Charitable Foundation in the state with a focus on promoting organizations and individuals that offer encouragement to family units, children, and the arts, also presenting them with scholarships and grants. Call it coincidence or fate, but Karen's 10-year-old niece actually bet Mike $1 that he and Karen would get married... which in hindsight was a good bet. Spouse/Husband: Steve Whitaker (m. 1978-divorced), Mike Pence (m. 1985-present) She is the wife of current Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence and was formerly the First Lady of Indiana from January 14, 2013 to January 9, 2017. Religion: Christian October UK Government lockdown rules explained. When The Hill asked what his favorite hobby was, Pence boldly replied, "Horseback riding, end of discussion." According to The New York Times, "Many Catholics hesitate because they wonder themselves how to reconcile divorce with their own loyalty to Catholicism's teachings.". We honestly wish that we could chalk this off as a one-time Freudian slip, but... it wasn't. Typically only one person in an engagement buys a piece of jewelry, but if history tells us anything, it's that the Pences have a bit of an odd marriage.

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