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It can easily carry most things you would want when in the middle of the outback. Check out the full load area dimensions combinations in the table below. The main classification is based on a single wheel and classic twin rear wheels. The Iveco daily vans structure possible allows enormous body variants when it comes to its length and height, which is worth considering if you require maximum space. You can of course get a GVM upgrade for certain vehicles to upgrade the payload capacity. [4] In Switzerland, these were also sold as Saurer-Fiat and as Saurer-OM.[5]. So take them with a grain of salt. Let’s face it, the Iveco Daily 4×4 is big. Back then you could pick one up for a similar price to a Toyota Landcruiser 79 series, which was appealing for many people. Bell Engineering reviews the popular auto gadgets and accessories in the market. The IVECO Daily Euro 6 versatility makes easy to customize the van and turn the commercial vehicle into an They have their main outlet, but you can order with them through their website, make the payment, and they will deliver. The second generation Daily was introduced in 1990, with a totally revised cab and improvements on the Sofim engine (at that time, with a 2.5 L capacity). The minibus is also commercialized with the Irisbus brand. The Ievco Daily can carry payloads from 1,075kg to 3,860kg. Unlike the more car-like unibody Fiat Ducato, the Daily uses a separate ladder frame typical of heavier commercial vehicles. Iveco daily vans feature both eco and power modes that help in the reduction of fuel economy. Which means it will feel like you are driving a truck rather than a ute. Iveco entered the chassis-based van sector with the launch of the Daily in 1978, and, given the payload squeeze, maybe, just maybe, this vehicle is coming into its own after so many false starts. However, you are only limited to 2 seats. The Iveco Daily 4×4 is ideal for those wanting to seat more than two people and carry more than 1.2 tonne off the beaten track. With a payload capacity up to 3181kg and a Euro 5-compliant engine, the Daily offers a good balance between drivability and load-carrying capacity. However, in Australia we have very limited options with the sprinter. To this day the same same capacity engine exists in the current range. Get one for your business from their outlet all over the market. Why is this important? The model could also be obtained with electronic / hydraulic controlled manual gearbox, called Agile. Quite often in Aussie outback tracks, many branches sit above the 2m mark on the trees, but if your vehicle height is above that, you are at risk of your Iveco windscreen becoming a lumberjack. Your email address will not be published. The IVECO Daily Euro 6 is capable of completing your missions efficiently and with Iveco Daily Electric vs Tesla Semi Long Range vs Thor Trucks ET-One vs Tesla Semi Standard vs Freightliner eCascadia vs Freightliner eM2 vs E-FUSO Vision ONE vs Volvo FL Electric Compare with similar EVs. If Mercedes would allow these modifications to happen in Australia, it could open up a huge market for the light truck off road touring sector, and here’s why: You can get the Oberainger Mercedes Sprinter as a 4×4 cheaper than what the Iveco Daily 4×4 sells for overseas. What’s even more interesting, is that the curb weight of the Iveco daily 4×4 is around 2.765 tonne, which is within Landcruiser territory. It’s the ideal van for making deliveries between local and long-range deliveries and transporting goods like building materials and foodstuffs. The van is quite popular and yes it has got a problem but major failures are unusual. This is developed in co-operation with the company SCAM and is available as single cab and double cab with the wheelbases 3,050 mm (120 in) and 3,400 mm (130 in) and double cab with wheelbase of 3,400 mm (130 in). The Iveco Daily has almost vertical sides (the angle at which a van's sides narrow at the top is called the 'tumblehome' by the way) so it makes the most of the available space and load volumes vary from seven cubic metres to 17 cubic metres depending on the model chosen. cargo volumes. What’s even more interesting, is that the curb weight of the Iveco daily 4×4 is around 2.765 tonne, which is within Landcruiser territory. We’ve added some detail about the Iveco Daily chassis cab too, though for the most part we are concentrating on the van. It incorporates a separate ladder frame just like that of substantial commercial, making it more unlike the car-like. The Iveco daily van has always been struggling with the fuel economy. We do have several Iveco Daily 4×4 customers who love the Trayon camper for their touring setups but because Trayons are the lightest class 2 slide on campers spec for spec most of our customers have mid range 4WDs and our slide on campers are well within their payload limits. Well, say goodbye to going to undercover car parks at 2.1m, because the Iveco stock standard height is 2.629m. More and more, people are using the plethora of 1 tonne style utes like the Ford Ranger, or the Toyota Landcruiser for exploring the vastness of Australia, not just work. Applicable to the 2016-onwards Daily Euro 6 (E6) range and the 2017-onwards Daily Blue Power RDE models as well. ambulance or a So perhaps one main reason why people aren’t choosing the Iveco is because once you do load it up with 2 tonne worth of gear, and max out the 3500kg towing capacity that little 3L turbo diesel might really struggle. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. 5. A version powered by a 30 kW (40 HP) electric motor (60 kW peak) supplied by a battery with a capacity of 76 Ah and 21.2 kWh was announced in August 2010. Despite innovations for this third-generation model, the Daily’s structural design that separates the chassis and the body like a truck means the basic van weighs more than most rivals. And like the Toyota Landcruiser 79 series, there is no option for Automatic transmission. 845898). The concept is actually really novel. Most people who have considered a Iveco Daily 4×4 are either a landcruiser owner already, or may head down that route. A Trayon camper is built to have a low profile to fit behind the cab of the vehicle so aerodynamic drag is not impeded. Despite the weight and size, the Iveco daily van is incredibly easy to drive. Two new versions were released: "Agile", with automatic gearshift, and "CNG", a natural gas version. Of course models over … All registered in England and Wales. Shortly after receiving the largest engine variable geometry turbocharger and an output of 107 kW (146 hp). In the article, I will concentrate on the IVECO daily vans review. In 1985, a turbodiesel version named "TurboDaily" was introduced. Gross Payload (Kg) 1420. The new Daily is a vehicle that thinks about business – with an extra 40 kg of payload, a more accessible load platform and lower fuel consumption. [15], https://www.autobip.com/actualite_auto/usine_iveco_algerie_debut_de_production_de_commercialisation_des_vehicules/4968, "Iveco Daily celebrates 40 years of success", "Vieni, c'è una casa tutta da guidare nell'anno che verrà", "Hirurško liječenje infekcije sa apscesnom formacijom izlaznog mjesta kabla za napajanje uređaja za potporu rada ljeve komore", "Accordo di collaborazione tra Iveco (Fiat) e Renault", "New Daily – a new hero for transport professionals", "Performance ed efficienza - Iveco Daily furgone", http://www.iveco.com/Italy/collections/catalogues/Documents/New-Daily/Cat-Daily-Van-IT.pdf, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Iveco_Daily&oldid=967636568, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox automobile with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 2.5l diesel 72 hp (54 kW) at 4200 rpm, 141 N⋅m (104 lb⋅ft) at 2400 rpm, 2.5l turbodiesel 95 hp (71 kW) at 4100 rpm, 217 N⋅m (160 lb⋅ft) at 2300 rpm, 2.5l diesel I.D. The new suspension systems enhance performance, improve dynamic response and weigh less. This has an impact on payload. The second generation was facelifted in 1996; it differs only slightly exterior-wise, but the engine was now available in 2.8-litre capacity 76 KW (103 hp). Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) 3500. The rival’s figures can go down while the daily van is yet to get to its efficient point to a point; they are comparable in the future. Required fields are marked *. Need a van with a lot of load space or a gross vehicle weight (GVW) to match a light truck? If you are in search of reliability, the van is the deal you will always close. It looked tough on paper, it is tough in person, yet it didn’t really catch on like many anticipated. Thanks to its truck-like separate chassis, the Daily offers not only a massive amount of load capability but exceptionally high 7.2-tonne GVW options, far higher than any rival. They are incredibly versatile, offering unrivaled loading capacity and strength and, at the same time, driving like a car. But please do your research on reliability before buying, there are some rumours going around of people having adverse experiences with them. IVECO Daily Vans Features and Specifications. Daily van 50.13V. With third series the Daily got new light groups (wider and lower). Load Height (mm) 1545. 4.5 out of 5 4. The Daily Chassis Cab is unbeatable on construction sites, agile around town and a fast mover on journeys. Even if they followed their EU and USA counterparts and partnered up with a dedicated aftermarket engineering company. Hopefully, this Iveco daily vans review will help you. Until 1983 it was sold as fiat daily by fiat and its referred differently in its various markets globally. When you are in the middle of the outback, there is little margin for error. Click here to check to see if it's available to order. Some of the other external features include: The Iveco Daily 4×4’s direct injection turbo diesel produces 400 Nm of torque from a low 1,250 rpm. They are left to use either the WLTP or older NEDC figures which are just correlate numbers of NEDC standards. The total exterior lengths include a rear step, which can be deleted to save around 11mm. Certain models with clean engines have been sold as the "Iveco EcoDaily" in some European markets.[8]. Discover more now. But with an Iveco Daily 4×4, there is no need. So, there you have it. Iveco Daily (2006-2014) van review More a scaled down truck than a van, the tough Iveco Daily comes in 10 styles with a weight range extending up to 7.0-tonnes It also has a 13m turning circle, so it could be challenging to get out of tight places like regular shopping centre car parks. It's available as: Van, cabin cruiser, Combi, Minibus, Agile, and CNG. Originally there were models with three engine options, all of type 8140 of 2.8 liters. For some models, the rear pneumatic suspension is available. Also note the exterior width is without the door mirrors, as that's all Iveco provides. Single wheel van comes with a GVW of 3.55 tonnes and is designed for urban and interurban uses. The classic twin rear-wheel GVW ranges from 4.2 to 5 tonnes, and it a perfect performer for the most challenging uses. So if you are considering an Iveco Daily 4×4 for exploring our nation, be sure to read forums, check Facebook and talk to current owners about their experiences. The New IVECO Daily van is the ideal commercial vehicle for the transport industry with great comfort and enhanced connectivity. Vehicles like the Landcruiser and Iveco Daily 4×4 have paved the way for small economies with aftermarket accessories and upgrades, and in most cases the manufacturer still honours the warranty. However, one of the biggest limitations of these utes is the payload.

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