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Most of these colors and patterns come about by selective breeding which just shows the insane possibilities that these kingsnakes can have. We also participate in programs from eBay, CJ, Bluehost, Clickbank, ShareASale, and other sites. 2. How Long Can a Ball Python Go Without Eating and Other FAQs, The Best Calcium Powder For Reptiles (Results revealed), Reptile and Amphibian Awareness Day at the Sacramento Zoo. Reverse Stripe California Kingsnake morph. Salmonella and Pet Reptiles and Amphibians, Unboxing Your New Pet Reptile, Amphibian, or Invertebrate. A stripe is just a long and thin line so how can you reverse it? Apart from the striking patterns, the colors themselves are exceptionally rich and have deeper hues than other morphs. This is why there are so many distinct morph categories based solely on the colors, patterns, and the way the morph glows under the light. It’s a quirk of snake lovers everywhere, we don’t judge. 7. [5], California kingsnakes are opportunistic feeders and common food items include rodents, birds, other reptiles and amphibians. All in all they’re photogenic pets and you can snap as many pics as you like of them. Instead of lacking dark pigment and turning pink, chocolates possess much more melanin in their scales and are therefore darker in coloration. Coastal and Desert phase morphs are two rather similar morphs that are less extreme or vibrant versions of the High White and High Yellow snakes. Like any albino animal, albino Cal Kings lack the pigment known as melanin in their scales. Their backs are almost completely dark in color, and their patterns are really more told based off of what is on their side as that is where the color of the snake appears the most. Once again the head of the snake is marked by a considerably higher amount of black around the eyes and neck of the snake. Morph Gallery From our customers Contact Kingsnakes for Sale. No doubt about it. Basically, it’s the unique color patterns on the back of this morph that gives it the appearance of having negative colors. They’re not particularly eye-catching but they’re not dull and uninteresting either. Credit goes to breeders who painstakingly kept mixing morphs until they got these bright colors that are a joy to watch and hold. Far from it. This morph is similar to the reverse wide stripe. Sometimes the yellow fades into white or appears like it doesn’t exist at all. And occasionally yellow or white patches will appear on the side to cut that color block and add some dynamisms to the overall look of the morph. It’s interesting to note that High White Cal Kings are also referred to by some as “Snow” California King Snakes. The California kingsnake is one of the most popular pet reptiles due to its ease of care, attractive appearance and docile demeanour. As such there’s no dull moment with these morphs. These snakes can actually be found from the western United States to northern Mexico. They fall under the black and white sub-category of kingsnake morphs which means they only have two colors. So instead of talking about each one of these snakes individually, let’s talk about the general divisions that can be made in the morphs. This site is a collaborative work by readers of kingsnake.com, breeders and keepers of Boa Constrictor Morphs. As far as reptile enthusiasts are concerned, California also lends its name to a certain subspecies of snakes. King snake or corn snake? But the result was the twin striped and dotted morphs. They’re like checkers but look neat especially as the snake coils and uncoils its body. Some morphs get a design, others get the exact same design but in contrasting colors. So what makes chocolate morphs popular? Even though “normal” California king snakes can be found in the wild, it’s still recommended to purchase a captive bred animal as you won’t run the risk of keeping an animal with parasites or health problems. [6], The California kingsnake is an oviparous internal fertilization animal, meaning it lays eggs, as opposed to giving live birth like some other snakes. The dots vary and change from one to the next and sometimes the dots are too large to be called dots at all. They are fun to watch and play with. So it’s easy to mistake them for chocolate morphs. It peaks shyly from under the dark stains. Which is Better? The one in these photos still possesses a … They have a uniform brown color that covers every inch of their slender bodies. This is an interesting morph. Not to mention the designer morphs that breeders churn out and produce all the time. And the reason these snakes have a single dark color is for survival purposes. Our business directory lists some of the most popluar herp businesses in the world. [7], The California kingsnake is one of the most popular pet reptiles due to its ease of care, attractive appearance and docile demeanour. Coastal snakes are generally yellow and brown whereas the Desert phase morphs are white and black, though sometimes the black on a desert snake is more of a dark brown than a black. Family life Share is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This means that for the most part, only color and design patterns on their skins are what sets them apart. There are easily over 20 natural morphs to California Kingsnakes, even more so if selective breeding is involved. To say that these morphs are ubiquitous is a gross understatement. Not if you love California kingsnake morphs. The hatchlings usually emerge another 40–65 days later and are approximately eight to 13 inches in length. These two morphs are pretty much similar which is why we squeezed them together under one subheader. The hypermelanistic morph is a beautiful morph that appears as almost tiger-like stripes across the body of the snake. The dark color makes the snakes glimmering scales really stand out as it slithers around. The final morph we’re going to talk about here is the hypermelanistic morph. Due to ease of care and a wide range of color variations, the California kingsnake is one of the most popular snakes in captivity. That means the gene mutation is in the same place as the one which causes the stripe morph. Talking about 50+ morphs is not ideal for a light-hearted yet informative article. 2017 Kingsnakes for Sale. If you are into that sort of thing and prefer to add a touch of the macabre to your daily life, the palomar ghost is the right choice of all the California kingsnake morphs. (VS Grubhub). I just adopted the most adorable Goldendoodle puppy I named Jack. This leaves large sections of the snake being dark while still maintaining a fair pattern on other parts of the snake. You’ll need to look at the underbelly of the morph to find the light patches. Black and white striped Cal Kings are pretty accurately described by their morph name. California kingsnake morphs can be found not just in California, but along the western frontiers from Oregon to Utah, Arizona, and Mexico. - racrouc, Sep 26, 2019. Locate a reptile or amphibian business by name: kingsnake.com® is a registered trademark© 1997-. These morphs are the most colorless medium brown to dark brown California Kingsnakes. The one thing about reverse dotted morphs though is that they’re quite rare. This overwhelming diversity of morphs of all shapes, colors, and patterns isn’t enough for some people. They make for delightful pets to care for and cuddle. RE: Can anyone help identify this snake? It’s not clear whether these morphs are a pure breed or a mixture of morphs that happened naturally when two different morphs met one night and decided to have a go at it. link to What Are Belgian Malinois Bred For. To complicate things further and make it even more difficult for us to describe them, some of these morphs might not have any patterns on their sides. They cost from $65, but the rarer ones can fetch hundreds of dollars. It covers their bodies like paint stains. This morph gets its name from the unusual mixture of white and yellow patterns. Which Substrate is Right for Your Reptile? They have their backs covered with long stripes with the sides having a different pattern. Looking for a reptile or amphibian related business? This is why these morphs are sometimes called banana morphs. For the same reason dog lovers come up with a new breed of designer dogs every day. This man-made category of morph refers to those California king snakes that are incredibly vibrant in their light color. Although these snakes look different, they are all from the same species and have almost the same personality and hunting techniques. The reverse wide stripes are very dark snakes. As for the high white morphs, their body is usually white with the black marks appearing here and there. Due to natural color and pattern variability between individual snakes, snake enthusiasts have selectively bred for a variety of color patterns and morphs. The color pattern here is a mix of yellow and black. Luckily, mosaic morphs are not shy or socially awkward so they won’t feel uncomfortable if you stare at them. - eyem4jesus, Sep 26, 2019. California kingsnakes are naturally resistant to the venom of rattlesnakes, but are not totally immune. They’re that rare that only a handful of breeders would have them. As you can see from these pictures, a Chocolate morph of the Cal king snake is a deep, rich brown in color. This causes their eyes to appear red because the blood vessels are visible and their scales to appear pink in color because the dark pigment is missing. You get the sense these colors are almost metallic. He has worked with Embora Pets as a contributing writer since 2018. They look like the negative version of the first morphs. The darker coloration on the chocolates is caused by hypermelanism, which is essentially the opposite of albinism. As they get older their personality and vivid character blossom. They continue to change as they are breed in different combinations. The motley gene is dominant, which means that if a snake has both the stripe and motley genes, it’s the motley one that will shape its appearance. The light color is striking and children love to pet them. View BackwaterReptiles’s profile on Facebook, View BackwtrReptiles’s profile on Twitter, View BackwaterReptiles’s profile on Instagram, View backwater-reptiles-10b13839’s profile on LinkedIn, How To Trim Your Tortoise's Beak and Nails, The Grumpy Rain Frog (Breviceps mossambicus), Common Snapping Turtle vs. Florida Snapping Turtle, How to Care for Your Flying Dragon (Draco volans). Unlike what many people think, snakes are peaceful animals that prefer to stay away from people and populated areas. It’s like the painter picked the brush and went to work on the snake while he was drunk. In banded king snakes, the lighter color forms bands around the snake’s body, like the one pictured in this series of photos, whereas in striped snakes, a stripe (or sometimes two) runs down the length of the top of the snake’s body. [2] These snakes live in Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, and northwestern Mexico. This is why more and more morphs keep cropping up. How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Goldendoodle? These morphs give you the impression they just had a tour in Afghanistan with the Seals and just got back in fatigues and all. For the same reason dog lovers come up with a new breed of designer dogs every day. It doesn’t get any more colorful as that as far as California kingsnake morphs are concerned. As captive-bred morphs are generally exempt from these rules, the law is loosely enforced. This species lives in a wide variety of habitats, including woodland chaparral, grassland, deserts, marshes, and even suburban areas. They’re easy to care for and don’t make a fuss about their food the way other high-maintenance pets do. It’s a rather large family though with over 50 morphs that nature came up with on its own. Black and White Striped California Kingsnake. California king snakes have a large diversity of morphs but, when scrolling through the web, it isn’t easy to find a full list of them, so I figured I’d do some digging myself.

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