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The nearest schools in this area are mentioned below: There are quite a few other hospitals located around the area as well. Plots are available for sale in Landa Bazaar, Lahore at reasonable rates. It previously bore the name Minto Park, which was later changed to Iqbal Park until its current renovation and expansion when it came to bear its current name. Therefore, what would be better than to live in the midst of a famous market of Lahore? With the launch of, buyers now have a choice to order items straight to their house without having to visit the crowded market places. The general price trend for a double-storey, 4-bedroom house of around 4 marla is PKR 80 lakh. Known to cater to the needs of 60 to 70 births every day, this medical facility is often filled with patients. For instance, 3 marla commercial properties of double-storey buildings are available between PKR 2 crore to PKR 5 crore while single-storey property of the same area is available for PKR 1.25 crore. Moreover, Landa Bazaar is home to a few temples. These are Meezan Bank, United Bank Limited and Bank of Punjab. These include KFC in Yakki Gate Bazar, Kucha Meher Ghous Walled City of Lahore, a short drive of about 7 to 9 minutes and KFC- Baghbanpura on Grand Trunk Road, reachable in under 15 minutes from Landa Bazaar. This is especially true for the old city of Lahore where people still prefer to take rickshaws to a cab. Furthermore, Gulabi Park on Grand Trunk Road in Hajipur Singhpura is a drive of less than 15 minutes from Landa Bazaar. Finding transportation at reasonable rates may not be as simple as you think. Transportation in Lahore is diverse with rickshaws, taxis and buses running rampant all over the city. It offers various degree programs in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Arts and Social Sciences. Prior to this, the startup was supported by the IBA’s incubator centre which offered them office space and allowed them to make use of university interns. Therefore, you will also locate many ATMs and branches of different banks in and near Landa Bazaar, Lahore as well. The hospital has a competent staff of around 448 and is a renowned medical facility all over the country. The college has produced various big names in different fields including politics, science, sports and arts. Landa Bazar est située au nord-est de Lahore Anarkali. With the rise of Smartphones and 3G/4G, a new startup has brought about a new idea; bringing the landa bazaar to the internet. No, if you knew original prices of these brands, you wouldn’t have said this. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Comparatively, an addition to the food streets of Pakistan, this is a pedestrianized alley offering various restaurants. Fareedun and Usman claim there is no other website which offers the retail model offered through and that there is great potential for further growth. Almost every city of Pakistan has a local “Lunda Bazaar” and it has mostly all type of branded items, then why should someone will buy online these expensive items. Usman told BBC Urdu that they started with selling shoes from Nike, Adidas and Rebook and expanded to shirts based on buyer demand. Moreover, A.R. A number of eateries are also located along Abbott Road, reachable in around 10 minutes from this area. Doha Deadlock: What’s the Future of Afghanistan. The etymology of its name consists of two words: Gawala and Mandi meaning Milkman and Market respectively since it had been the largest market of buffalo milk in Punjab until 1947 when Kashmiris started migrating here. Hazuri Bagh is situated 2 km northwest of Landa Bazar. Therefore, more and more residential areas are opting for building a gym in the vicinity. The login page will open in a new tab. Presence of markets around an area is a desirable feature. Lahoris are famous for their ravenous appetite, a fact that is clearly depicted in the number of eateries and food streets in the city. On the other hand, people go to the new section mainly for enjoying delicious desi and street food. lunda shoes prices more than 3000. These include Asia Restaurant, Kaka Restaurant and Tabaq. Mentioned below are some of the most famous ones located here: Previously known as Dayanand Vedic College, Government Islamia College is a public sector college on Railway Road in Gawalmandi, a drive of around 9 minutes from Landa Bazaar. Colloquially known as GCU, the Government College University, Lahore is a public sector university near Circular Road in Anarkali Bazaar. These include Bundu Khan, a desi cuisine restaurant especially famous for their seekh kebabs served with puri parathas, Salt’ N Pepper, a renowned family restaurant serving a variety of different cuisines, Lahore cafeteria and Galito's - Flame Grilled Chicken, ideal for birthday celebrations thanks to its aesthetically pleasing décor. Such markets are situated at several spots all across the country. It is a 200-bed facility now and most people prefer it for maternity care and gynaecology. Also, a landmark of the city of Lahore, this market of historical significance has become a tourism spot as well. The Lahore Fort aka Royal Fort or Shahi Qila, a citadel in the city is situated in the north of the Walled City of Lahore. The nearest one is The Salvation Army Church on Issa St, Faiz Bagh Misri Shah, a popular church among the residents of the surrounding area and located at a distance of around 1 km from here. Engineered by one of the famous architects of his time, Rai Bahadur Kanahya Lal and designed by Pudon, the hospital has an Italian architecture. Now they plan to include household items and kids toys as well. The mall has various other facilities including prayer area, restrooms and parking space. This allows you to make a better investment reaping maximum profits. Furthermore, Kinnaird Academy on Empress Road, Shan Public High School and Government Muslim League High School in Garhi Shahu is a drive of around 2 km away from this area. Furthermore, the locality is excellent for commercial endeavours. Another railway station around this area is Badami Bagh Railway Station in Data Nagar, around 2 km away from this market. Beauty and Fashion E-commerce Platform Raises $900,000 in Funding, FBR to Check Afghan Transit Cargo Seals at Chamman Railway Station, Pakistan Custom Launches Authorized Economic Operators Pilot Project …, ADB to Provide $10 Billion in Fresh Assistance to Pakistan for the Ne…, Incentives for Wheat Growers Crucial to Pakistan’s National Food Secu…, Karachi Police Arrest Fake ‘Pir’ For Sexually Assa…, Aamir Liaquat and Syeda Tuba Both Test Positive for COVID-19, This Pakistani Stunt Biker is Starring in a Film Inspired by M…, Minal Khan is Enchanting in Her Latest Shoot [Pictures + Video…, Is CSS Worth It? Presence of parks around your house can have pleasant effects on your surroundings. Are you looking to buy property in Landa Bazaar, Lahore ? Following are some of the most popular gyms around the area: There are several other gyms and fitness centres around this area. LOL! Currently, houses are available for sale in Landa Bazaar, Lahore. It is a drive of around 14 minutes from Landa Bazaar, Lahore. This station comes under the jurisdiction of Pakistan Railways now and is used as its headquarters. Therefore, you will find various options for commercial properties on both sale and rent. Choosing public transport makes for a less costly decision as well. Find Retail Outlets and Shops for Sale in Landa Bazaar Lahore Lahore with, Pakistan's leading property portal Yet, the rush and hustle may not sit well with everyone. Moreover, Naples Beauty Salon and Bobby Hair Salon in Railway Colony, Garhi Shahu are located under 15 minutes’ drive from this area while Shimla Beauty Parlour, Famous Beauty Salon and She Beauty Salon on Allama Iqbal Road in Garhi Shahu are around 3 km away from this location. The project was started in 2012 and with the help and support of the governments of Norway and the United States of America, it was finished in 2015. Discussed below are the general sale price trends in Landa Bazaar, Lahore: Living in an area with several markets in the vicinity has its perks such as easy access to commodities. The market is especially famous for its collection of embroidered dresses, jewellery, artefacts and handicrafts available in the old section. The hospital provides services not only to the citizens of Lahore but also to the people living in the surrounding villages and even from beyond the provincial boundaries. With its huge importance as a market selling high quality pre-loved items at reasonable rates. Hazuri Bagh is a garden in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, bounded by the Lahore Fort to the east, Badshahi Mosque to the west, the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh to the north, and the Roshnai Gate to the south. Infact all of pakistani websites have no real customer base. All facilities are easily accessible including hospitals, parks, educational institutes, worshipping areas as well as transport options. Landa Bazaar is a historically significant area located in the heart of Lahore near famous roads such as Grand Trunk Road and Circular Road.

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