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[89] The situation was beginning to become suspicious. With Vivi safe, Luffy told his crew to go on as he faced off the Shichibukai by himself. [121] After Zoro's disappearance Luffy orders the crew to escape but all of the crew, one by one, are teleported to different and unknown locations by Kuma. Luffy then gives the Going Merry a viking funeral by burning it as the crew tearfully says goodbye. [159][160]The Straw Hat Pirates at Gyoncorde PlazaAdded by Stone RogerLuffy goes to Gyoncorde Plaza while hiding inside Megalo. [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? However, upon finding water in a bar, the two accidentally encountered Smoker and Tashigi. Luffy is still unaware of his power as Ivankov notes. Seeing the two captured, Luffy and his crew decide to save them and Hatchan for a way to Fishman Island and some takoyaki. Luffy however withstood the attack and prepared to retaliate. Gan Fall and Nami managed to escape the snake, but accidentally left Luffy, Aisa, and Pierre behind. No featured entries match the criteria. However, Hawk-Eye, peering through the crowd, manages to point out Luffy, and swings his blade forward, slashing Luffy, as well as all those between the two. Hody is undeterred and is still confident that Fishman Island will be destroyed and that Luffy can't do anything to stop it. She begs him to promise not to make a ruckus inside Impel Down. Nami and Keimi arrive bearing terrible news about the Ryugu Palace. Iva, being a former nakama of Dragon's, realizes that both Luffy and Ace are Dragon's "sons". While Luffy and Mr. 3 combine to slow down Magellan,[148][149]Jinbe goes on ahead to secure a Marine ship. [45][46]Luffy and Sanji belagured by Lapahns.Added by JuracuilleOn the way up, Sanji, Luffy, and Nami run into some Lapahn, which are man-eating rabbits. After the formalities of the beginning of the games, Luffy and his crew decided who would participate in which game. [128], As Boa Hancock and Monkey D. Luffy came on board of the marine ship, Marigold and Sandersonia are left in charge of the island in Hancock's absence. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? When the guards come to Shirahoshi's room, the princess hides Luffy from them. A Bounty is a set amount of money placed on a person's head as a reward for their capture/death. With most of Buggy's crew defeated, Luffy and Zoro battled against Buggy and his second mate, Cabaji, respectively. The monster however was beaten off easily by Luffy and Sanji. From Usopp, Luffy learned that this sudden challenge was a set of three games between pirate crews in which the crew members were at stake. Hearing this, Luffy, along with Sanji, decides to carry Nami up the mountain to the castle. He then knocked out all the impostors using Haōshoku Haki and keeps on walking, following the direction in which the Vivre card is going. [129] On the ship, Hancock makes seemingly outrageous demands to the Marines, such as 100 kg of food a meal, for five meals a day. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji then use it and fight the Kraken out in the sea. [120] Over in the East Blue...! Luffy fortunately managed to grab a nearby fishman and use him as a shield. With only Robin and Chopper left with him, Luffy and the two decided to continue towards Moriah, seeing that the others wouldn't be beaten so easily. He states that he found him sitting in front of the Sunny, and later Rayleigh told him that Kuma made a deal with Vegapunk to input a mission to protect the ship until a Straw Hat returns. [42] As Luffy's crew sailed on, the island where Loguetown was located came into sight. Unfortunately, one of the mushrooms was not edible. [99], Through some explanations by the Risky Brothers' captain Lola, Luffy was told of the process of using captured shadows to power oneself up for ten minutes. In the meantime, Luffy listens to Hatchan as he explains the fishmen and merfolk's dark history and to Jinbe as he explains the ideals of Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger. [131], Before Hancock receives a full-body check by the Vice Jail Head, Domino, Hancock immediately petrifies her and the vigilant den-den mushi. However just as they were getting aboard, Vivi was literally hooked by Crocodile. Everyone soon realizes that they can not agree to be on the same pirate ship as captain, so Ace came up with an idea; he told Luffy and Sabo that they can become brothers by exchanging drinks. Luffy asks Dr. Kureha to join his crew, but she declines. With no one able to stop him from finishing the already worn-out Zoro off, Silvers Rayleigh finally appears and successfully counters Kizaru's kick, warning him not to interfere with the "new era" of the Straw Hats. As Luffy and his crew were further explained by Vivi about the Dugongs, they passed through the once green town of Erumalu and were further enlightened regarding the problems and conspiracies facing Alabasta. Luffy was then sealed in a coffin by the Spider Mice with their webbing and was then sent to the main mast of Thriller Bark. [23] However, Krieg had one last trick up his sleeve. Later, after everything settled down, Luffy and his crew were given a ship for helping save Kaya. [OP QUIZ] Combine Devil Fruits with their respective Users, [OP QUIZ] Test Your Knowledge On Devil Fruits. As Luffy explored the scaffold, he was ambushed by Buggy and his crew, and a now skinny Alvida. Luffy manages to jump out of the ring using Gear Second before it ensnares around Hina's marine allies. [101], Despite Luffy's strong will within him, Oars was no longer able to move. Luffy, not liking this, revealed himself to Kuro and Jango, and accidentally got hypnotized by Jango. Remembering the old man, Luffy declares that no matter how much Crocodile attacks Yuba with sandstorms, it will never be destroyed. The mermaids deny seeing any intruders. As Luffy's crew attempted to protect him from any of the fishmen's attacks, Arlong came towards Luffy. As Bluejam began to badmouth Sabo, Ace verbally retaliated, spurring Luffy to bite his captor's arm. Luffy escaped Impel Down with the help of the whale sharks Jinbe called out to and was on his way to with the 241 other prisoners who had escaped with him when he realized that the Gates of Justice were still closed. Moving Hancock with his actions and his hate for the Tenryuubito, Luffy is promised her ship to use. After some unsuccessful trekking through the jungle, Luffy finds some mushrooms. Luffy and the Straw Hats then battle his grandfather with his new ship. However, due to the situation Luffy and those encaged with him, Vivi would have to get a key that Crocodile presented and threw into a pit, where it was eaten by a Bananawani. Luffy immediately tried to stop Arlong before the fishman could throw him in. Unfortunately, he redirected the shot to the restaurant ship. Wapol survives and sets up the mountain with Chess and Kuromarimo. While he was charging he got hit by one of Whitebeard's attacks, asking if Whitebeard knew his friends from foes, which Jinbe just stated that his crew knew to stay back. After awakening from being knocked out conscious by falling into the ocean, Luffy was told by Sanji of Gin's final words to Luffy. Soon enough, another large commotion was caused with Luffy and his crew being chased all around by the Marines. After evading those trying to capture him, he makes it to Iceburg's room. [123] As Luffy begins to escape from the Marines with the real Zoro and Sanji he sees Rayleigh, and says farewell and goodbye to him and then stated "I'm going to be Pirate King" once more, and sets off to Grove 42. It is unknown how Devon received her bounty, but it was most likely due to the fact that she was a criminal so horrible that she was written out of history and locked up in Level Six of Impel Down. It is currently unknown how Cedric received his bounty. As Brook and the Minister of the Right arrive to her room, Shirahoshi exits the room stuffed inside Megalo while Luffy rides on top of the shark. [65] Delivering the punches, Luffy attacked Crocodile with such force that it penetrated a layer of pure bedrock and sent Crocodile flying, defeating the Shichibukai finally. It is currently unknown how Quillian received her bounty. With Luffy winning, he told Usopp he Franky simply poses naked and he says "I'm still a man naked". Hammond goes on to say that because of the humans who left Fisher Tiger to die, there is a law that prevents fishman and merfolk from sharing blood with humans. But, at the moment they escaped, they noticed the destruction that Enel has caused. As Luffy witnessed this, he came up with a good idea. Once Luffy jumps down to meet them, he is met with accusations from the Fishman Island citizens for mermaid kidnappings. Angered by this, Luffy shouts with all his might for them to stop, releasing unconsciously a power that not only stunned both the sisters but also knocked out several of the Amazons in the audience in a manner similar to Rayleigh. As one of the most infamous rookies, Luffy arrived at Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 300 million berries before the time-skip, which, at the time, was second only to Kid. Jinbe eventually left the Kuja ship while riding a whale shark after Luffy and Jinbe gave their thanks to each other and Jinbe tells him that he will continue to aid Luffy later on in the future and that he looks forward to meeting Luffy and his crew 2 years from now. [49][50]Luffy and crew witnessing Mr. 2's powers.Added by Mugiwara FrankyWith his new doctor on board, Luffy and his crew journeyed onward to Alabasta with Vivi and Carue. He dodges the attacking pirates, and gives the fishman a swift and devestating kick to the fishman's jaw. Luffy and his crew then came upon Gecko Islands. Having discovered one of these compasses earlier after beating the two characters earlier, Luffy presented it to Nami but unfortunately broke while in a small scuffle with Sanji. Later Luffy witnessed Nami stabbing herself where her tattoo on her shoulder was. His captors were defeated by the Red-Haired Pirates, but the bandit leader Higuma had fled out to sea with Luffy. When he told Luffy that he had seen the hat with "Red Hair", Luffy said that Shanks had let him borrow it. After that, Luffy encountered Wiper, the man who attacked him and his friends on their arrival in Skypiea, and the two began to fight. Luffy, with Nami and Usopp go in a group and Luffy carries the gold from their last raid in Skypiea. Ace suddenly cries out to Luffy to stay away, berating his brother for getting involved with his own affairs. [74], Splitting into various groups, Luffy and his crew searched the nearby forest for one of these elusive birds. Mr. 2 received his first bounty after the events of Impel Down. Not even fazed by the fact that his lineage was revealed to everyone at Marineford (as well as the whole world, due to the reporters watching on), Luffy smashes his way through more of the Marines with Gear Third, including a giant.

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