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Carl is pleased that his father's rants actually came in handy and he is let off the hook. During Citizen Carl , Carl witnesses a woman being killed one of the bus stop. After Frank fell over and landed on a school project that she’d been working on for weeks, Debbie got fed up. We don't see a lot of the bad side of Carl in Season 3, but he does end up shaving his head due to Frank convincing him he has cancer. For many, this is one of the lowest things Frank has ever done. Several times, Frank mistook Carl for Lip. Dominique also congratulates him on his job and for being real with her. Soon in The Defenestration of Frank, Carl is preparing for school and is displeased to see Frank return home. Carl moves past it and heads to visit his father, where he watches Sheila and Sammi fighting over who should visit Frank. Carl wakes his father up to tell him that Frank wet the bed, a dismayed Frank told him to scoot over to the dry area. The ones that end usually suffering the most, though, are his own children. She looks after him with a smile, clearly taking an interest in him. Not that it's unjustified, though. At the end, Carl burns down the sweat lodge his father was in after he is told it nearly killed him. Ethan began doing photo ads when he was four years old as a way for his mother and him to spend time together. Later on, he is syphoning gas from a school bus before he meets with his father and he formally introduces him to Samantha who is excited at meeting part of her extended family and introduces her son to him. That being said, he’s fallen victim to their actions at times. The problem is, he starts to be a “good father” to Carl and Debbie just long enough to be distracted and stay sober. She convinces him to send a ransom note to her wealthy father and that way he can get his money. US Carl walks up to the porch and questions what he did and sees the dead body of the kid with his grieving mother and pukes at the sight in horror. She would have even killed Frank if she weren't stopped by her siblings. His new way annoyed his family and friends who told him to stop but he ignored. As he finishes burying the dog, Kelly appears and returns his phone that he left behind. He and Nick soon find a bike which they buy for Nick, as the latter tells Carl how he had a similar bike when he was younger but his father traded it for crack. Due to his refusal to snitch, he is accepted by his dealer's gang. The boy says with his wound, he wouldn't have to go now but Carl says its a flesh wound and it will heal. Carl helps in throwing Frank off a bridge. Carl is not pleased when Chuckie is also released and promises to hurt him, though he never acts on his threat and sees his nephew as foolish in his views. At the Alibi, he is with Fiona, Lip, and Debbie, as they find their father, he high fives his father over their success. In his trial, Fiona wants Carl to grovel, but he instead insults the judge and doesn't name his drug dealer, which lands him a year in juvenile prison. In his adolescence, he detaches from Frank though he continues to love the latter and show concern for him at times even when angry with him. Carl sympathizes with her over being dumped by Kelly.They reconcile before they spot Kev dressed up as Jesus carrying a large cross. Imagine how much of a bad father you’d have to be that your own daughter goes Full Metal Jacket on you. Carl repeatedly denies her accusations and eventually, the police show up. Carl goes outside and buries a dead dog in the backyard. They use the security code he was given to break into his "Foster Gays" house with Frank and rob the place. It shows that they truly don’t care what happens to him. In Carl’s defense, Frank explained that this was a life-or-death situation. During Hope Springs Eternal, he is less than pleased when Fiona throws away his taser for her parole officer meeting. During Emily, he continues seeing Bonnie and lets her move in along with the family, with Lip giving permission since he wants to scare his girlfriend's parents and they are paid a large sum of money. A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin, The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Alibi. Understandably, Carl was very upset with his father for using his sperm to impregnate the woman while Kelly argues with Randy on not leaving the kids with Frank or Carl. They’re willing to make Frank sleep outside, no matter the time of year it is. Gender We already have confirmation of Lip, Ian and Liam's parental status and Debbie definitely has inherited a lot from Frank, red hair and a lot of personality traits. The two work out a business deal and Carl becomes attracted to Anne. NEXT: 15 Episodes That Saved Shameless (And 5 That Hurt It), All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Carl gets a test done to see if he has the disease but sees that he tested negative, meaning he couldn't have gave it to her. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Lip, Debbie and Liam (and Sammi) are. Kelly sends Carl a picture and he worries because of their closeness, after his coworkers comment on it. Carl later sees Dominique kissing another man, at a college dorm. Carl gets involved since he heard a veteran was the victim, he promises the veteran that he will catch him. Carl spends the day at work and is put off by his boss' flirting before he attacks a robber for shooting at him. She then gives him oral sex and he allows her to stay. Hearing this, the boy begs Carl to really shoot him in his other leg, successfully doing so by annoying him with his poetry. Following Dominique cheating on him, he bonded with her father and decide to better himself by joining military school. Veronica is Fiona's best friend and it has to be said that the only reason Fiona managed to stay … When asked if Carl regrets his decisions, he simply admits he only regrets trusting Chuckie with the job. He returns home and rests as Fiona comes in asking about his pain and he tells her that he's alright. The next day, Sammi confronts Carl while he is being held and threatens him, to which he replies, "Bring it, bitch." After ending her rant, she tells Carl that they will have sex in her room and he sheepishly goes along with this. He didn't mind as he wanted the experience to boost his reputation. Carl doesn't understand Lip's reason and continues to enjoy the sober Frank. Portrays In Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, Carl watches as Monica takes over as a caretaker for the kids and scrambles at the stress of doing so but is happy to have her. Hair colour At night, Carl tries to break into a cabinet with a new friend and another female camper, when the female counselor catches them in the act. Carl checks Liam's penis and sees that even he is circumcised. Ethan is an avid skateboarder, loves photography and is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. Since Carl also needs a parent to attend his meeting and since Fiona can't go, he decides to take Frank. Ian soon enters through the back door and asks if there is a scrimmage going on in reference to the decor that Liam procured. Later on, he and Kelly keep studying and she is exasperated with Carl's lack of knowledge on the subjects though lets it slip that she wanted a boyfriend with her at West Point. Carl has his head shaved by Frank, who convinced him he had cancer because he wanted to extort the Make a Wish Foundation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Adios Gringos, Carl helps Anne and her family get their territory back from rivals and they amass enough money to buy an apartment. After getting beat up by Fiona’s fiancé Sean, Frank develops a deep hatred for his future son-in-law. Carl, who still believes he has cancer, tells her he wants to see "real-life boobs" before he dies. When he's not filming in Los Angeles, he's living it up in the Chicago Suburbs. He then pulls out the ring and Kassidi thinks he is proposing and she says "Yes, I'll marry you." A surprised Carl curses Ford and worries about his sister. In court, Chuckie is sentenced 120 days in juvenile prison, or 60 on good behavior. Carl and Debbie watch as he bonds with Liam before they leave, he and Debbie agree that Frank is still himself though humor him, since he is showing signs of improvement. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Carl Gallagher Carl gets back at both of them by revealing her STD, leaving her boyfriend horrified with her as a smiling Carl walks off. She sentences him to the maximum time of one year in juvenile prison. and she says yes again. At night, he finds his sister crying on the porch and asks what happened. Fiona refuses to donor to Frank after Carl pleads to her, Frank tells his son it is alright since he will go to his other daughter for help, Fiona states Debbie is too young for surgery but Frank tells her that he's referring to his oldest daughter Samantha. Before long, Carl receives word of his mother's death and decides to go to the funeral, Carl returns home and is greeted with welcome arms. On top of that, the innocent Chucky was implicated in the crime as well, with both him and Carl getting locked up in juvenile detention. Carl decides to move in Frank's room since he moved out. 2003- present He watches Frank stick up for him and justifies his attack since he was probably doing them a favor, since they'll most likely be successful. When he was younger, he shared a room with his older brothers Lip and Ian. They realize that he left them a memento and smile at the gesture. The pair arrives at the bus station and as Chuckie sits down, Carl spots a security guard with a detection dog and leaves Chuckie behind. Here are just a few of the terrible things Frank has done to kids, as well as the worst things they did him in, There’s really no limit to what Frank Gallagher is capable of. At the age of nine, Ethan played a major role in the movie, The Unborn, where he took the part of a mythical Jewish spirit known as a Dybbuk named Barto. Carl has gotten over her and is dismayed Kassidi still shows signs of her clinginess to him by counting down the days until he is let out of school and professing her love of him. Carl finds out from his brothers that Dominique might have contracted the STD with someone else, causing him to suspect her. When Bill takes notice of his uniform, Carl explains that he hasn't chosen a branch and is accepting of the latter's compliment to his activities in school and recommends he joined the navy like he did. He is shown to still be put off by Frank's change, asking if he's continuing as "Father Frank" but the latter corrects him by stating its "Saint Francis". Carl returns home and complains about his venture as Debbie does about her own. Carl is present at seeing his brother off and wishes him luck. Eric then claims the tub that Carl offered and the boy is disappointed by it and several women leaving him. In Season 2, his love for selling drugs starts when his grandmother Peg convinced him to get prescription drugs to make meth. Later on, Frank asks Carl for help and asks him to masturbate in a cup while promising him a hundred dollars. 1 -Present In Fuck Paying It Forward, Carl and Ian go for a run before they are told of a burglary. During God Bless Her Rotting Soul, Eric tracks them and Carl is attacked by him when the thug nearly drowns him in the hot tub as Ian rushes to his aid but is subdued and Eric threatens the family for his money. He takes in a young girl named Kassidi, and she points out that none of the families of the group he has taken will given him money. Carl also has an unhealthy fixation with death. He later talks with Dominique and she apologizes to him for how their relationship went bad.

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