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Pray. The enemy is finished, we know it They know it! @Lorcelt104 I think I do speak for the group now. He was military in charge & despised by many who served. The election is already over, the enemy just doesn't know it! I could be wrong but ehhh, I don’t think I am. Sign NEW Petition - Stop Facebook & Twitter Censorship -... Tuesday Night Spiritual Smackdown - The Day Of Reckoning Is Upon The Deep State. Love you guys. It took the FBI 24 hours to question Boblinsky and it’s taken nearly a year to do the same with Hunter! Don't loose faith Trump has everything under control! Continue to pray for our country, for our President Trump, and for four more years of MAGA! In Jesus name, Amen. Yep, thanks to Roberts, Trump will likely lose PA due to fraud. Thankful that God has brought your insight into my world, I'll be watching as soon as the Trump rally is over. ...-, If he had an ounce of integrity he would resign, The Dems own him he will not be allowed to resign, @4651lainey Honest ppl don’t do things to be blackmailed, That's alright Mark, we know how this will end! I heard another prophesy like yours Mark where God said 2 more will be stepping down because of embarrassing situations ( I think someone on Sid Roth) I pray Gods angels are sent out to collect all illegal ballots and they disintegrate! It is not looking that good right now. JoAnn you’re a new person on this platform and we are all great listenersPlease forward to the group the basis of these claimsJust do it quickly. HALLELUYAH! All the glory goes to to him Praise God LT. Our Living GOD.. will continue is work until the Evil is pulverized by his HAND but We all must keep on praying, every DAY. Save them for NOW! I interviewed Mark on Wednesday, 13 days before the upcoming election. Already voted Red full ballot. Biden is done, and he will be arrested after President Trump is re-elected! I am scared sadly. Our governor in Michigan is talking about shuttingour state down again. The Supreme Court on Monday shut down a GOP-led effort to block an extended period for counting ballots in the crucial presidential swing state of Pennsylvania. TY^^ - Also, Time for this!! Welcome! GESTAPO tactics-how much worse will it get? No. Compromised is an understatement. I love Mark and Chris this is getting so exciting thanx brothers, Do you think the Republicans were targeted by a clandestine covid 19 attack? It caused a lot of damage to our east coast. Well qualified young women! Tuesday Night Spiritual Smackdown Live Now! It’s too late to change out Biden with someone else. They plan for him to resign if he wins. As they say in the courts. Welcome To The McFiles You Tube Channel! Joe Biden had 12 people at his Rally's ! Praise God for this word of encouragement. This is a perfect example of just how important it is to fill the vacancy with the right person. Voted RED last week along with both daughters, hubby, son-in-law. May God bless!! No war for four years must be driving the war whores crazy. Thank you for coming on #EATruthRadio, Brother Brandon! You could have been born 1000 yrs ago, but God said NO! About mess BIDEN IS IN . How easy is it to serve the most high God hallelujah. Mark Taylor; Many of his prophecies have been fulfilled and others are BEING FULFILLED — Truthseeker (@Truthse13246094) February 14, 2019 Judgement is here. We just have to do our part, ... kind of simple you know all we have to do is pray and then vote. You are being severely censored on Twitter, FYI. I don’t know much about all of this so I think I’ll just read as I have since I joined. Hoping to catch the show later. I release THE POWER OF THE BLOOD of JESUS bringing forth SALVATION like never before! Resources: Twitter. But to which Being does he serve ? YouTube needs to be added to Ted Cruz’s case against Twitter and Facebook!!! It is all going to be worth it for God’s Plan to move forward. To make sure you don’t miss any future interviews on my show, be sure to follow and turn on notifications on my YouTube channel here, my Bitchute channel here, and my Rumble channel here. @JoFollower JoAnn, keep posting! That's what Parler is for. @Shatosa Yep. There’s a lot of “malarkey “ going on behind the scenes that is now evident! BREAKING: PROOF THE INFORMATION ON OSAMA BIN LADEN SENT BY ALAN PARROT WAS RECEIVED BY VP @JoeBiden WHY WAS THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WORKING WITH IRAN TO PROTECT BIN LADEN?#OctoberSurprise #SEALTeam6 #Treason #TheyNeverThoughtSheWouldLose #WhenDoesTheBirdSing #Parrot, BARTY - RO - MO ... that's how you pronounce Maria's surname - BTW love her show, esp Sunday Morning Futures :) Haha Good on ya, Mark - love your faithfulness to the Father, and to what He has called you to do! I said : DIRECTOR MIKE SAID HE MUST BE KEPT ON AS DEM Candidate as it is law . Trump wins! Everyone go vote. A possible key w. Why left-wing media, politicians and FBI are silent over Hunter Biden’s hard drive. Now for President Trump to have 4 more years to drain the swamp. Trump! Glory to God. Just post a link we’ll find you! It’s absolutely our dominance of God’s ordained work! Tuesday Night Spiritual Smackdown live now! I knew what you meant, and you addressed your remarks to Mark Taylor. We know it's fraud. It’s bc of your Monday Night Spiritual Smack down show! Joe Biden is so arrogant that I believe he thinks he can still win. So appreciate you and that you make every prophecy available on your website! We must keep the Senate and regain the House. @patton6966. When the church I was attending closed for COVID-19 I considered myself “sent”. Just check to make sure your info is correct. Unbelievable. Piglosi will be President. I always say I dont know anything....and I know alot!!!!! We don’t need a pope at all. !GOD give President Trump and his administration wisdom and favor!!! It is imperative that we stop this literal constitutional homicide. Amen! They probably think you are money laundering. So happy. Seriously sounds like a violation of your rights. Print it off and read it when things may look dark. @Rotosound Like hell you do. It’s coming!! Our duty is to keep this hurricane from causing destruction and any and all interruptions during the elections. CEO "Curtis Ray Bizelli" Invites You To PATRIOT MOBILE …, Clothing & GEAR – EA Truth Media Online Store. Don’t stop! Are We About To Witness The Greatest Military Sting Operation of All Time? Right? @Name Hidden Agree. President Donald Trump’s Website Was Really Hacked … Here’s The Scoop, In Recent Abomination, Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions, THAT’S THE POINT with Brandon ~ Special Guest ~ Discusses ‘What Will Happen After The Election’, Beware: Wicked Witchcraft Season Now Raging Against Believers, America’s Seniors Will Pay the Bill for a Democrat-Socialist Agenda, americas seniors democrat socialist agenda, NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison, Real Life Witches Are Casting Spells To ‘Bind Trump’ This Hallow Season, EXCLUSIVE: The “Fact Checker” Fallacy & Dangers of So-Called “Fact-Checking”, EA Truth Radio W/ Andy Shecktor: Discussing Mail-In-Ballot “aka” Election Fraud, Dan Hennen of #EATruthRadio Interviews American Patriot & “Save America” Musician, The Added Significance of National Pizza Day This Year … “The Silent War Continues”, PETITION – Demand Answers Regarding "The Las Vegas Shooting". Prophet Lois Vogel Sharp Goes On Record: Trump Will Prevail, Win Second Term, Michigan County Clerk Discovers Total Votes Counted By “Election Software” Put Out Incorrect Totals, Michigan County Clerk Notices Inaccuracies Between “Election Software” and Printed Tabulator Tapes. DONALD TRUMP TEES, Q-ANON TEES, MAGA TEES, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TEES, DESIGNED BY GAY ARTIST, STEVE JAMESON, TRUMP LOVER, EXPOSING SHADOW GOVERNMENT. The Senate investigated and confirmed them. Monday Night Spiritual Smackdown Live Now! I am humbled, armor on, moving forward. Buy the Trump Prophecies Book. I was disheartened to see so many “ Christian Influencers” come out being pro life and Yet still pushing people to vote for Biden. He doesn't want Justice or the Truth to come out! Tried to find you but you are nowhere!! Mark Taylor (@patton6966) posted 1510 Tweets from, 193161 Followers and 265 Followings. She addressed her remarks to Mark Taylor, btw. The Biden POS will never concede or repent. I'm not viscous or rude. I pray daily for the evil to be cast aside so that we can live in harmony, all thanks to God. The Lord had me rewrite this to his Army for such a Time as this. This will now be her and Big Techs downfall! Do an enlargement of the mask with PELOSI’s orange face. I'll tune in when I get home from work in about an hour! @Lorcelt104 This is a Democrat site dude. He needs to be proven to being on Ebstein boat so he can be removed from the court as being involved with pedo world. Good to see you again. Thank you for your insight! Won’t they try and slip another candidate in there? Be Blessed Mark. I don't like big brother Twitter and was going to leave it after election. National Prayer Calls. Have been and am still praying for the reformation God is bringing to the Judicial Branch. After that it’s removing the bureaucrats that are holding up the declassification of documents and the subsequent indictments and military tribunals. , She has another channel too. Obama , Brennan used the " The Hammer " Super surveillance system on Roberts , bc rumors are Roberts is a closeted homosexual!! . Blessing to you, Chris and your wife. He had to do that before because of all his lying. Absolutely Mark, for my part I am ready, I am ready, for whatever God wants me to do because I know it’s going to benefit my children and their children’s futures even though they’re not born yet along with many others.. I think this is the first time I’ve posted on here but I won’t post again. Thank you! Are you able to post your videos on Parler? I’ve wondered why I haven’t seen you on lately They’re sickening. GREAT JOB, MARK!!!! America needs to see how the DS tried to make us a socialist nation. Yeshua and His warring angels and the warriors of God are coming after you to take back our land! Can you somehow bring this to POTUS attention or put it out there for the world to see., Mark man im i happy to see you here , Mark get the Trump Card movie by Dinesh D’Souza trending! Time for Roberts to step down , he no longer gets the right to use the title honorable-, It's Official Youtube has taken down my channel with know warning, no heads up! Thanks to God for giving it to him. Unbelievable. President Trump would run against the 3rd Party candidates still standing. Here's Where To Find My Show, The Daily Truth Report! Been following you for awhile Mark. A very testy time for Patriots. It was greatly appreciated, and turned out well.

Revenge Lightning Font, Single Pearl Necklace Meaning, Snapper Rig Setup, Christina Mclarty Parents, Animal Simulator Games Unblocked, How To Make Lamar Jackson Madden 20, Paulina Sodi Height,