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Marvin is later seen working in Celia's grow house and selling pot for Nancy. “You are a mean person.” Celia attempts to convince Rudolfo to allow her to stay with him, but he sends her back to Texas. As he leaves, Nancy enters cardiac arrest. Although they fail to express themselves, they think and work out a solution for problems in relationships. On the finale of season 8, Doug makes amends with his gay son, Josh, that he had kicked out at a young age for coming out as gay; telling him that he had also messed up once himself by giving voluntary oral sex to a man. She shows modest hostility toward Nancy. During the short affair with Jill that Andy had while Nancy assigned him to take Stevie to Oakland for her sister, Jill, to take care of him, they later live together after her divorce with her husband, Scott. She has gotten back together with her husband Scott, although she constantly doubts why. After Devon calls Shane "orphan boy," Shane throws a can of soda at Devon and runs off. He is introduced while watching over the US end of the tunnel to keep Nancy from going through it. Her arrest triggers her expulsion from law school. They later get married and have a daughter named Flora. He bribes the Agrestic city-council to install a sewer-line to facilitate the growth of nearby Majestic, CA. Cesar almost kills him, but Doug is miraculously saved. Initially, Pilar succeeds in separating Esteban and Nancy. After test results ordered by Esteban prove her correct, he spares her life and marries her. He is Roy Till's partner at the DEA and Till's life partner. Cesar discovers Schlatter's role in the closing of the USA/Mexico tunnel and captures him. Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh, guest character in seasons 5–6, regular character in seasons 7–8) is Nancy's older estranged sister. Josh Wilson (Justin Chatwin, appearing in the pilot and finale only) is Doug's oldest child and only son. Andy refuses to leave Agrestic because he has committed himself to raising Judah's children. Shane's behavior grows more sociopathic and becomes more independent after the move to Ren Mar. However, when Megan tells her parents, they take her to get an abortion. When Ouellette realizes that Nancy played him, he confronts Shane and tells Shane that he intends to bring Nancy down. He is a corrupt police officer in Ren Mar who extorts Silas and Doug when they are running the pot store. After Quinn and Rudolfo cannot get a ransom for Celia and they discover that her organs cannot be sold on the black market, he kicker her out of his life. In a later episode, Shane composes a rap about killing Devon. She angrily dumps Andy when he quits rabbinical school. He and Doug were close friends while they were in college. Within three years, he is murdered while serving his sentence. "I cannot be polyamorous with Bubbie," a reference to his infirm grandmother who died in season four. Dave adopted Stevie as his own son, but died later in a bizarre car crash. Quinn Shephard Success: The relationship ends when Lisa's ex-husband makes a surprise visit to her apartment while she is having sex with Silas. Dana Wilson (Judith Hoag, appearing in episode 6x12 only) is Doug's unseen wife during seasons one and two. She dismissively rebuffs Andy's initial request for admission; however, she provisionally admits him after reading a moving admission essay that she assigned him to write. Andy meets Maxeen at Silas's performance art show. He has a one-night stand with Jill during her breakup with Andy. Nancy hires Lupita to be Steven's baby care-taker. Andy is not overtly concerned because Esteban "is too big to fail", a reference to the 2008 US bank bailout. At home, he is neglected by his family because of their drug businesses, which makes him develop a psychosis. He is not dating anyone currently. Leader of the Armenian drug cartel rivaling U-Turn's gang and the Conrad/Nancy MILF weed operation. Till investigates into Scottson's and Fundislavsky's illegal dealings; he fires Fundislavsky when Scottson's body is discovered. Following Jewish customs, the child is given a bris during which he is named Stevie Ray Botwin. Her first son, Silas, was conceived out of wedlock with Lars Guinard. Tillerman (Bruce Nozick, recurring character, season seven) is a senior fund manager at Vehement Capital Partners. When Shane tells him that the family is leaving the country, Schiff initially threatens to kill himself. After Cline leaves Vehement, Tillerman informs Doug that Cline was Vehement's "money man," the person who recruited new investors into Vehement to maintain the Ponzi scheme. Yael, however, has no memory of ever meeting him. When Guillermo declares his desire to have her killed, Esteban squashes the order. Because Cash is a dealer himself, he steals Nancy's supply of pot and pressures her to stay out of his territory. Flanagan is an Emmy-award-winning comedian. Nancy calls her "the blow-job queen of Dewey Street.". When Nancy cannot sell Chess's lousy product, she stops buying it. Fortunately, Nancy is able to present evidence that she carries Esteban's first son. Ultimately, Valerie is unable to receive the life insurance money as a result of her own distrust and impatience. Andy befriends a Rabbi named Dave, after a random encounter in the hospital after Nancy is shot. Groff has affairs with both Nancy (his secretary) and Celia. When Nancy sets up the grow house in Kashishian's neighborhood, Kashishian threatens to shut Nancy down. Nancy promises to move to Burlington later without Andy. He then decides to open a makeshift homeless shelter, which will later go onto as a sham religious cult, making him Guru Doug. She is an artist who hires Silas for an underwear modeling gig. Doug then resolves to find the needed money himself. Although only seen in flashbacks and home videos, his memory plays an important role in the series. Nancy's guilt drives her to report the presence of the tunnel to Capt. When Shane was shot after an assassination attempt on Nancy, it was revealed that Cesar served as an army nurse, something he shows he is embarrassed by later on when he asks Shane not to tell anyone. After Nancy exposes the office pot dealer, Cline changes his mind. Heartbroken, Silas becomes depressed, withdrawn, and starts interfering with Celia's "Drug-free Agrestic" campaign. When Nancy finds out that Andy had sex with the mother of Shane's first good friend, Nancy orders him to have sex with Eileen “until Shane and Max apply to separate colleges or you run out of soft tissue.” Fortunately, Eileen agrees to end the affair without ending the boys’ friendship. When it is discovered by the DEA, she is pressured to travel to Ren Mar to serve as an informant against Nancy. Mateus Cole Ward is an American actor, best known for his role of Dustin Maker in the TNT Drama series Murder in the First. Their relationship sours when Guillermo is ordered to give Nancy a cut of his pot shipments, and he then orders that Nancy be executed. Keeyon James (Tyrone Mitchell, minor character) is the son of Heylia. Formerly an army soldier, he makes his living trafficking consumer electronics and antiques. He is subdued by Andy and Nancy when the latter asks Audra for her minivan. Groff and Celia have a love affair after her divorce from Dean is finalized. When Emma first meets Silas, she poses as an employee for her brother Denny. After Nancy fires her, Lupita moves to Hollywood to work for Mr. Kaplin, a movie executive. In response, Esteban has Nancy kidnapped to give her a lecture and warns her not to walk through the tunnel. Upstanding citizen of Majestic. Although he often buys pot for personal use, he did not resell it wholesale until meeting Nancy. In exchange for making his career, Lipschitz arranges for Nancy's early release from prison. Cline (Aidan Quinn, special guest character season seven) is CEO of Vehement Capital Partners. Despite the fact that Nancy is legally entitled to the money, Nancy promises to give it to Valerie. The Candyman's track suit and fitness talk are reminiscent of. During season three, she tries to sell Cash a large quantity of pot to pay off U-turn. During the attempted sale, the Armenian drug cartel acts on a deal with Conrad and murders Peter in return for the money Peter would have gotten from the forced sale of Nancy's pot crop as well as retribution for having there boss arrested. When he fraudulently borrows a large sum of money from an Agrestic financial account, he feels forced to flee Agrestic/Majestic and follow Nancy to Ren Mar to avoid criminal prosecution. He sometimes wears a whistle. At the end of the season, Groff reveals that he is a pot user and has a distaste for the religious nature of the communities he develops. He is running the SEC investigation against Vehement Capital Partners. Harmony and Simone (Hannah Marks and Jillian Rose Reed respectively, recurring characters in season four and guest characters in season five) are two teenage girls that become sexually involved with Shane after he assaults the most popular boy at the school.

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