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Good advice. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Two articles that would help with your questions: hello, I would like to ask are the tarot cards always accurate...also I pulled queen of pentacles, queen of swords, 10 of pentacles and 7 of wands about how the person in my mind feels about me at the moment what does this mean? 10: insanity, destruction, despair, rock bottom, restless misery She is charismatic, lively and sociable but can be jealous. Copyright © Astrology Bay &, Inc. But usually one is not the victim here, but the creator of the situation by wasting money on unnecessary luxuries and pleasures. Six of Clubs: Success, victory, good exam results. Because whatever you thought when you saw them is probably correct. The Ace of Diamonds shows new beginnings in relation to new projects and ventures and can also indicate working or socialising with a group of people who draw out the creative aspects of your personality. What do cards mean in combinations? Is this correct? Turning up pairs is common, but significant when reading tarot. There are four suits with thirteen cards in each suit. I used my Ryder-Waite tarot and for me I pulled out The king of prints followed by seven of spades. Ten of Hearts: family, love, achievement of emotional peak. As she is listed under her suit, where it says Clubs are the same as Wands, then she can't be a Major. As I base my interpretations on tarot, you should turn up some answers. We provide informative articles about astrology, zodiac signs, tarot and more that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! This Ace holds the promise of emotional fulfilment. Question: Does the layout of the cards matter when using playing cards for Tarot? Answer: You can't unless you are a psychic reader. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 3: creation, fruitfulness, building, stockpiling, working towards a goal Face cards relate to people in your life. You will do yourself no favours by turning a blind eye to the turmoil. I'm a professional tarot reader, but when I don't have a tarot deck with me, I can use a deck of playing cards to provide a useful reading. Playing card interpretations: use the Jokers if you want to. Experience will show you new meanings So could the King of Clubs card be a message to me? They are excellent quality and, like all the Bicycle decks, good for cartomancy. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Shy and impressionable people cut the deck with their face virtually inches from the cards. I am a novice in card reading and I am using my playing cards until I get a tarot deck of my own. is your portal to the stars, unlocking the mysteries of the universe with horoscopes, tarot, and psychic readings.. Can you help me to understand how to strategise based on what these cards are saying? Good luck and pleasant surprises can be indicated by the 8 of Diamonds. Be kind to yourself and know that when you hit rock bottom, there is only one way you can go…up. 9: the ‘wish card’, dreams and desires will come true, good fortune, happiness, good news You can find more tips and advice by reading Divination and Fortune Telling with a Deck of Ordinary Playing Cards. Hearts. In this case that is the energy of clear vision, clear thinking and clear communication. King of Hearts: Kindly counselor, gives wise advice based on experience. Can sometimes indicate an inheritance. Jack: A close friend or a good-natured, fair-haired youth. Look carefully and note how the cards are shuffled and cut. Playing Cards, if studied properly can be a great way to substitute tarot cards. Question: How do I do a reading? Dreams come true. Your question is answered when you deal a matching suit on one of the Kings or Queens. Well if you have never really given a thought to what playing cards could mean, then this article may intrigue you, and force you to try to learn their different meanings. Ace of Spades: Flash of insight, revelation, realization, understanding, idea. You may be unsure about income, investments or even support at this time. Again, it depends on their suit how active they are and which aspects of life they represent, i.e., hearts = love/emotions, clubs = inspiration/risk, spades = intellect/communication, and diamonds = material world/work/money. Also before you shuffle and turn your card, you must have a system in place for positive/negative yes/no cards. Ace of Diamonds: Prize, gift, new home, new project, new job. Usually there are more cards used per spread than regular tarot cards. 9: changes usually bringing wealth, money as objective, maybe not result 7 The outcome. He hurt me a lot in the past because he drank. I can't be more specific than I already have been. Be careful of trouble coming from a person of the opposite sex. My advice is to relax and trust that everything will happen in its own way. Keeping it simple, the Fool is numberless; he is the unformed consciousness that journeys through the tarot, undergoing transformation, self-understanding, challenges, and generally educating himself via those experiences. This Queen is mature and noted for her grounded manner. If you have not been doing as much as you could be, it is time to start the planning and work now. If you are convinced that the cards have been shuffled well, then it means that there is significant progression in the situation. No one thinks much of two people over a table full of diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts, while a Devil or Lovers card might raise eyebrows. Kings are logical thinkers and outwardly focused. I'm going to buy a deck of tarot cards now and learn more! Security, abundance and a solid inheritance or family home. Seven: Prosperity and success. Tarot Card Reading Online: Is it the Most Accurate Way to Read Your Future? It’s entirely up to you whether you include the joker/s or not. 2 The present situation. Question: Do the jacks in playing card tarot represent young men? Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility. Personally, I prefer to 'tune in', shuffle a few times, cut the cards, then turn from the top. I would like to know if the meanings of any card could have a different meaning for me, example 8 of diamonds new job etc. It signifies gossip, upsets, challenges, etc. Thank you. The Ace of Clubs is connected to wealth and prosperity. Answer: They can, in a similar way to Pages in tarot. I started with my question which was how my partner feels towards myself and a past wanted love which never took off properly. Satisfaction, happy in solitude. Therefore there are no reversed cards as there are in tarot. Answer: Jacks can represent young men or women. Hearts are the same as the tarot Cups. Feel free to ask me anything. Historians are pretty sure that cards, whichever their form, were never intended to be used for divination. This Jack is a young man or woman who is full of life and energy. Can you make another post about this but more specific like you said the joker means the fool but what does the queen of clubs mean is it the empress or the queen? To expand on your question, when two or more cards show up of the same number, then the energy of that number is intensified. What does this mean? They are a little confusing because they are mostly black, with just elements of red to differentiate Hearts and Diamonds. Tarot readings are for entertainment only. She is practical and sensible and known for her sound common sense, especially in connection to financial matters.

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