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But the hardness of the non-MIM extractor is higher, which leads to a more reliable extraction of the fired shotshells. It holds ample ammo (4+1 shells) in it and can be a very versatile shotgun if the limitations of the 20 gauge are respected. This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. Which is an important thing to be taught to beginners. 6. |   Check to compare Benelli Super Black Eagle III Left Hand 12 Ga Shotgun 28" Barrel. It is the distance between the end of the buttstock and the trigger shoe. -Put a shell into the chamber, press the trigger, and rack the shotgun. At that point I put the gun away and figured I would call Remington in the morning and find out about repair procedures. Click HERE to login or submit your credentials. At What Age Can You Teach a Kid to Shoot? All Gun Dog subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. There are numerous variants of our favorite Remington 870, and it is a little difficult to choose one for a beginner. Some states, like Massachusetts, do not permit FFL holders to receive firearms at their home address. You will find two barrels inside: the 28-inch ventilated rib barrel with the modified choke installed and with bead sight, and the 20-inch barrel with rifle sight. While you may see other shotgun brands like Benelli and Mossberg listed there, Remington is the brand you’ll want to choose. People like the fit, finish, and durability of these shotguns. Basic Remington 870 shotguns, which come without the magazine tube, usually have two dimples at the end of the magazine tube. The gun weighs about 7 pounds, but given its gauge and application, the weight seems very relevant. This drop-in upgrade is easy to install and works properly. 2. "Not a Retail Store Stock Item". Yes. Needless to say I am very disappointed with Remington and possibly Dick’s. Point shotgun in a safe direction and check feeding and extraction of shells. Especially where the 28 gauge comes relevant. Check out some common and important questions related to shotgun and purchasing firearms for minors. You will need to remove the dimples before installing the magazine tube extension. It is one of the most trusted and used shotguns of all time. Left-Handed Firearms. Most of the 870 versions come with a Metal Injection Molded extractor. Most importantly the length of pull. Also, there is a very limited number of upgrades and accessories for the 20 Gauge Remington 870. It is also very easy to hide/carry and has a little kickback. All the shells that were being jammed looked like this…, I did a visual inspection of the camber and found this…. Just remember to contact your local gun shop before purchasing firearms over the internet. The oversized parts promote easy handling, even with gloves on. Left-handed shooters shouldn't have to work a shotgun safety by rolling the gun to the side and pushing the button with our thumbs, though. You can also choose the pistol grip which is available on some of the tactical versions of the Remington 870. NICE REM. This is a new model, so not all stores will have it in stock. You can refer to the FAQ section below for detailed answers to such questions. As far as the federal law about firearm sales goes, anyone who is over 21 years old and has no felony judgments can purchase a firearm. Any commercial gun shop owner you find in the Yellow Pages should have a Federal Firearms License, which makes them legally suitable to receive your online purchase. (CW1), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. When you search the “Firearms” category of their website, you will be given plenty of filter options to narrow down your search. Use these tips to get a high-quality and reliable shotgun and to make educated decisions that you won’t regret. He only does what he loves. All Rights Reserved. It is oversized left hand safety. Remington 870 Express . Read More, NO WALK IN TRAFFIC They are easy to maneuver in close quarters or in a car. Not only that, but you will be able to aim at your target faster and increase your accuracy in the process. A lot of shooters find it very interesting and really like it. Be sure to check chamber for smoothness. The basic idea is to get a short, lightweight, and low recoiling gun to suit young shooters. The safety is little bigger than standard one which makes it easier to operate. While keeping the gun usable for decades to come. Well, I called Remington and I have to send my 1 week old, never been shot, shotgun to NY for repairs. Some of the more expensive versions have magazine cap detent. A good option would be to start with BB guns/air rifles for safety. They will help you directly align yourself with the target that you wish to fire upon. Out of stock. There are many stocks available to choose, everything from classic hardwood to recoil-reducing Knoxx stock. You will check the extraction and ejection of the fired shells. Like many other shotgun owners, this gun will decorate the gun safe for a lifetime and more. The wood and aesthetics are excellent, and the gun performs really well at the range. The shotgun can be used for hunting and casual clay sports. But it should only be a gift and not a straw purchase, and you and your parents must be residents of the same state. But it is little different, so video will be helpful: Vitaly Pedchenko; July 10, 2016; 11580; 3; 870, conversion, Fortmann, Left Hand, Remington, Safety; Review, Safety; Vitaly Pedchenko. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Youth Shotguns. For Sale from E and L Sports | Positive feedback: 98% View | ... View Sellers Items. The gun has a top rail in case you want to add optics(a very cool feature for a low powered shotgun) and the side shell holders allow you to carry extra ammo conveniently. Aimtech Scope Mount For Remington 870 20 Gauge $ 32.67 (8) Remington 12 Gauge 20" Fully Rifled Express Barrel w/Rifle S $ 166.00 (5) Remington 20 Gauge 18" Fully Rifled Barrel w/Scope $ 271.00 (1) Universal Magazine Cap with Swivel Set Fits 20 Gauge Remington $ 15.50 (0) TacStar 4 Rd Side Saddle Remington 870 1100 20 ga $ 23.62. These are the basic requirements for purchasing firearms, whether online or offline. All the parts of the Remington 870 Marine are nickel-plated, which makes it extremely durable. Also, the federal government is not going to verify the legalities of your state’s laws regarding firearm transfers. Just as a comparison here is what a good chamber looks like…. Plus the flush-fitting choke tubes help with switching application modes. All metal parts boast electroless nickel plating both inside and out. How do I get in touch with Fortmanns? The gun has a vent rib barrel with fiber optic sights to come in handy for hunting as well as shooting sports. Youth shotguns are also suitable for women, and legalities are not a concern in such cases. And right now, when you purchase ammo on Cabela’s, you only have to pay $5 for shipping if your order is at least $99. I know how emotional that moment is when you are in a gun shop to buy the long-awaited Remington 870 shotgun. The laminate wood stock and forend on my first shotgun had a light brown color and looked cheaper. But tests reveal that long barrels give the same or even better accuracy with slug ammo. Comes with two barrels! But still, there are many small differences you need to know about. Here are some of the details: Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge. Whether you buy the budget 870 Express or the more expensive 870 Police, they all use the same platform. All Remington 870 shotguns are based on one platform. Remington® Model 870™ Express® Hardwood Pump-Action Shotguns. Bottom LineThe Viper G2 is a very inexpensive semi-auto shotgun that offers a good rate of fire while keeping the recoil at a minimum. … But remember that it depends on the ammunition you use too. Choose the one you like more. Well, I didn’t get a chance to try out my new gun. Let’s find out about the small but very interesting differences which may help you to choose the 870 version which suits you better. Try racking the shotgun several times. This .410 semi-auto packs a punch on upland game. This is especially important for reloaded or low-quality (cheap) ammunition. Tuesday--Friday 9-5 EST It takes several minutes, and you are good to go. What Recent Buyers ReportUsers qualified it as a great little gun for hunting quail or pheasants. Due to its design, balance, and flawless performance. Give a Gift   What Recent Buyers ReportPeople have bought this gun extensively for their kids, especially in the 10 to 12 year age range. The shotgun is quite inexpensive and is great for teaching young shooters the basics of o/u handling. These shotguns offer a good balance between weight and barrel length. Additionally, 28 gauge has become very affordable these days. Dick’s has a “no return” policy on their shotguns, so this shotgun couldn’t have been a return item. Youth shotguns are a great tool to introduce young shooters with the basics.

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