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My spec CPU: ryzen 5 3600 OC 4.2 @1.35v GPU: EVGA RTX 2060 KO ultra RAM: VENGEANCE 2x8 16GB 3600 with tighter timming MB: MSi x570 Gaming plus AIO: COOLER MASTER: ML240R PSU: CORSAIR rm650x CASE: COOLER MASTER h500 STORAGE: SAMSUNG EVO plus 970 M.2  NVMe 1tb SEAGATE barracuda 7200rpm 2tb. Spoiler alert: The Ryzen 5 3600XT actually is a decent chip for overclocking. There is no real improvement in overclocking vs stock except cpu using more power.. What new ryzen likes is low latency, fast ram. If you choose that it will do an auto all core overclock to around 4.2. Powered by Invision Community, Samsung 970 evo M.2nvme 500GB Boot  / Samsung 860 evo 500GB SSD, Elgato HD60 Pro | Elgato 4k60 Pro mk.2 | Avermedia 4k GC573 Capture Card, Sign In With Twitter and Microsoft are not currently working. If your CPU can handle those, it can handle just about anything. How can I overclock my CPU? FallenOPhoeniX If you tweak it manually, you might even be able to push it farther than the specs on the box indicate. i promise you the 3600 can run any game on max or ultra setting especially with the 2070 i stream and play AAA games with no problems that being said don't use the stock cooler i have 240 aio front mounted because intake is always better then exhaust and you wont see a deference in temps on your gpu. Smackaroy I also recommend turning off Precision Boost Overdrive, Game Boost, and any other built-in features designed to push your processor further—you generally don’t want or need those when manually overclocking. RndUser On not so demanding games i get ALOT of FPS. That does mean, however, that you'll need to re-configure your boot order to boot from the correct hard drive. Unfortunately, the way you actually take advantage of this is by using faster memory, and we didn't have a lot of luck with our current testing kit. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. lilegg666 Even with high fps. I'll be using an MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon for this guide, but most of the settings we'll discuss should be available on other boards as well. Load-line calibration, also called LLC, combats this by making voltage delivery a bit more precise. This doesn't, however, change the value proposition of the Ryzen 5 3600XT outlined in our review, but I'll come to that shortly. So once you hit a wall with your CPU speed, try kicking your RAM speeds up a notch. The non-X chips, like the AMD Ryzen 5 3600, have a bit more, but still have diminishing returns compared to some of the older Ryzen chips, like the … Posted in Linux, macOS and Everything Not-Windows, By I managed to overclock the Ryzen 3 3100 using the previous iteration without much problem, but not so this time around. i don't recommend going past 4.3 alot of people got the new 3rd gen and they think it over clocks like intel, IT DOESN"T i cant stress that enough with having at least two die that means that some cores are just gonna run faster i would try installing ryzen master and seeing which cores are the fastest and possibly over clock those cores higher if your bios allows not sure about the tommahawk. How do I get it to boot again (Will I be able to get into BIOS?). In fact, the only thing that has been of a somewhat concern for me is thermals as I find the Ryzen 3000 chips run a bit hotter than their precursors but my AIO is handling it fine. Strix X470-F Mobo. Ryzen 7 3700x | Asus Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) | EVGA RTX 2080ti | Ballistix 32gb 16-18-18-38 3600mhz | Custom Water Cooling Loop | 1tb Samsung 970 Evo, 2tb Crucial MX500 SSD | 2x 3tb Seagate Drive | Fractal Design Meshify S2 |  EVGA G2 750w PSU | 3x Corsair LL140 | 3x Corsair LL120, Ryzen 7 1800x | Asus B450-F Strix | 32gb Gskill Flare X 3000mhz | Corsair RM550x | EVGA GTX 1060 3gb | 250gb 860 Evo m.2, Phanteks Enthoo Evolv |  Elgato HD60 Pro | Elgato 4k60 Pro mk.2 | Avermedia 4k GC573 Capture Card. That's a good start, but we want this overclock to be rock-solid, which means running it through a few longer tests. Posted in Troubleshooting, By The Ryzen 5 3600X has 32 MB shared L3 Cache and 512 KB L2 Cache per core for a total of 3 MB. If you aren't careful, you could degrade your CPU’s lifespan or damage it permanently. In the main OCCT window, click the CPU: LINPACK tab and check all three of the boxes in the middle: 64 Bits, AVX Capable Linpack, and Use All Logical Cores. Posted in PC Gaming, By Your CPU's clock speed is a result of two other values: the Base Clock, which guides a number of motherboard functions, and the CPU Multiplier. GOTSpectrum Posted in Troubleshooting, By If you have an all-in-one cooler already, then you should be good to go, as most coolers ship with AM4 CPU brackets by now, although it is worth checking. just remember auto over clocking is never going to be the best yes it a quick solution but its gonna run on the highest voltage allowed and will fluctuate ur speed up and down how it sees fit a manual oc is the best for running stable at all time with the same voltage no matter what. Why did it frustrate you? Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By Spend some time in your BIOS getting the lay of the land, exploring the different settings and where they are. Load-Line Calibration: When your CPU requests voltage, it can sometimes experience something called "Vdroop," where the voltage drops below its specified level under load. If you do an all core overclock you are kind of locking it in at 4.2. I am not sure if you can enable game mode and pbo at the same time. Alright, good to hear. You only need two pieces of hardware to overclock your chip. Please refresh the page and try again. You get an increase with all core work loads but take a slight hit on single core stuff. I wouldn't push it higher than that, since hotter temperatures can decrease the chip's lifespan, even if they don't hit the CPU's actual upper limit. Go back to the BIOS, raise the Core Voltage by 0.01 volts or so, then run that stress test again. In my opinion, this table is easier to read than the graphs, and has all the info you'll need to monitor your CPU. Ryzen likes fast ram, so i also wanna try OC'ing my ram but have no clue how, will do some research. I prefer OCCT, since it contains multiple stress tests within one program, as well as a host of monitoring features to help keep an eye on those CPU temperatures. Even though it won't guarantee the same results for you, you'll still get a general idea of what's reasonable. He eats potato chips with chopsticks so he doesn't get grease on his mechanical keyboard. Cryorig H7 Plus Cooler (I apologize for the air cooling on an O11) I started trying to just play with the PB, PBO, and AutoOC pieces on this and while I could do a short writeup on this, I'd rather waste the time complaining about how terrible it is to try and use PBO and AutoOC on a 3600. Corsair H115i Pro / Noctua NT-H1 paste - 100% Stable, extended gaming sessions at 58-62Celsius CPU and 60C GPU 1080ti FTW3 Evga. What if my cpu doesn't boot if I apply an unstable OC? Will that keep my cpu at 1.4v at idle? I'll admit going into this that I was pretty sure that overclocking AMD's latest chips would have no real impact on gaming. It's also worth turning off AMD Cool and Quiet, Spread Spectrum, and ensuring that your memory is setup correctly. 6 months ago Gaming - Cant tell a difference, CPU is already powerful enough Work stuff like rendering - noticable difference since with PB/PBO the clock drops under continious heavy load which makes OCing logical. For those with more serious workloads in mind, then your money is better spent on CPUs with more cores. It's not too expensive, has plenty of headroom, and is very forgiving. We are looking at higher rated kits in the future, however, so stay tuned for that. I recommend buying a larger heatsink, like the Cryorig R1 Ultimate CR-R1A (pictured), or a liquid cooling loop to eke the most possible performance out of your CPU. On that note, you will need a good cooler if you're looking to overclock this chip. In addition, watch your CPU temperatures when you stress test. Visit our corporate site. If you run into any freezing or crashing—either during these tests, or in the course of normal gaming binges—you'll need to either increase your voltage or decrease your multiplier. For some reason bf 5 is a mess on my 3600 too. I'm on a B450 tomahawk with 16gb ddr4 3200mhz memory in dual channel. Meanwhile the likes of Total War: Three Kingdoms saw no real difference at all. Mesh Network: What's the Difference. So you're not really going to be able to turn on features that you couldn't with the stock clocked chip, or suddenly hit smooth frame rates where you couldn't before. North Sydney If you can keep it under 85°C/185°F, you should be in the clear, especially since you'll rarely see those temperatures in daily use. I'm not worried.

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