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. On 23.03.72, thirteen-year-old Fianna na hÉireann Sean O’Riordan was ‘killed in action’ when participating in an attack on a British Army foot patrol in Cawnpore Street on the Falls. On 18.05.73, fourteen-year-old Eileen Mackin was ‘killed in action’ and is recorded on a Cumann na mBan mural on the Ballymurphy Road. ‘A Portadown youth, who was 16 at the time of the killing, was later jailed for manslaughter and for the manslaughter of Robert Walter Whiten, a magistrate killed six months later.’ (LL, p.695, #1866) On 12.08.73, twelve-year-old Cathy McGartland was ‘killed in action’ and is memorialised as a Cumann na gCailíní combatant. O’Hara went on to repeat the false and empty mantra that they ‘remember the names of those young men who gave their lives at such an early age’. ( Log Out /  Registered in England No. Read more: The Irish pub that became home base for 9/11 ground zero rescuers, IrishCentral is seeking a new Social Media Associate, Debunking redhead myths on National Love Your Red Hair Day. Scots Guardsman Alan Daughtery (23, married, 2 children), KIA by PIRA, December 31, 1973. ( Log Out /  They would be wiser to roll back the thirty years of paramilitary brainwashing of an entire community by the death cult of SFIRA. on their way to school.”. … the defendant had told police he fired only once.’ (LL, p.401, #961) Gerry Adams unveiled a memorial in Ballymurphy which includes her name under the heading ‘Volunteers’. ), Tarlac: 39 in 00, 23 Aug Armagh. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. O Dubhagain reported that his uncle spent seven years in New York and succumbed to pneumonia, a common form of death at the time due to poor, unsanitary living conditions. ‘An 18-year-old youth was charged with her murder. Most particularly in the Belfast Brigade of the IRA, a decision was taken early on to enlist children into IRA activities as child soldiers, and most especially (but not exclusively) in ‘D’ company activities in the Ballymurphy area. – The Irish Peace Process, Relatives for Justice: ‘Time for Truth’ or ‘Time for Really Big Lies’? IRA War Crimes – Deliberate Murders of Civilians, The Hooded Men – Victims or Human Rights Offenders? ( Log Out /  ‘An unnamed woman told the inquest that three young men took over her home at 1.30 p.m. … An hour and a half later she heard a shot and the men ran downstairs and out into the back yard. She has been both recorded and erased from various conflicting Rolls of Honour over the years. – The Irish Peace Process, The IRA’s Youngest Torture Victim – The Irish Peace Process, When Gerry Kelly shot Prison Officer John Adams Through the Head, RTE, Unquiet Graves and the Unquiet Facts, Jane Fonda, Martin McGuinness and the Bloody Corpse, The IRA’s Claudy Bombings – Come Home to Desertmartin, Raymond, All Is Forgiven…. The plan was to make some money and bring them across the Atlantic too, but New York proved to be as tough as Belfast when it came to getting employment due to the Depression. The Derry Brigade of the IRA strove to discredit everything Ward said in order to protect McGuinness, who was represented at the enquiry by Barra McGrory. While she was reported as shot when an IRA sniper opened fire on a British Army vehicle, it was also said that she was shot during an arms training session when an Armalite rifle discharged. The event is set for noon at Old Saint Raymond’s, and Sinn Fein West Belfast MP will be on hand to give a graveside oration. Margaret Hearst, 24, p/t UDR and single mother with a 3-year-old child, murdered in her mobile home in the garden of her parents’ house by PIRA gunmen on October 8, 1977. Constable Thomas McClinton (28, married, 1 child), killed by PIRA gunmen, March 2, 1974. “In 1921, Patrick and other Belfast volunteers were deployed to East Cavan as a Flying column to help in a raid to procure arms. On 23.03.75, fifteen-year-old Robert Allsopp was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun at home in the New Lodge. On Saturday, November 14th 2009, O’Hara delivered the keynote address at an Ógra Shinn Féin dinner dance in the Holiday Inn, Belfast, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Na Fianna Éireann. He was then shot several times, one bullet striking his 82-year-old mother-in-law in the foot.’ (LL, p.142, #237) LL states that ‘it is believed republicans were behind the attack’ while Malcolm Sutton’s Index of Deaths accords responsibility to ‘Irish Republican Army (IRA)’ Kathleen Feeney, 14, Catholic schoolgirl, killed by PIRA gunmen firing at British soldiers on November 14, 1973 (denied by PIRA who went on to two soldiers ‘in retaliation’ for her death (Heinz Pisarek and Joseph Brookes) before, finally, 32 years later, admitting their responsibility). Sinn Fein has reacted angrily to his detention, which appears to signal a tougher attitude by the authorities towards alleged on-the-run terrorists (OTRs). Her brother, Martin McGartland, was later unveiled as a British agent within the IRA [see the book: ‘Fifty Dead Men Walking’]. One of them, who was 14 at the time of the murder, served 14 years following his conviction.’ (LL, p.425, #1023) The older volunteers in the IRA—they would have come out and done the shooting or whatever it was they were involved in. Released under GFA CONNOLLY, Sean: IRA Bluebell, Dublin Attempted to rob Hacketts bookmakers in Clondalkin Dublin. He was, however, jailed for seven years after admitting having an Armalite rifle and ammunition. Change ). On 09.03.72, four IRA men, Anthony Lewis, Gerard Crossen, Sean Johnson and Thomas McCann, were killed in a premature bomb explosion in Clonard Street, Belfast. ( Log Out /  [If you are able to help this project in any small way, it would be appreciated: David McKittrick et al’s Lost Lives (2001 ed.) International Stout Day: It's official, Guinness is good for you! On 29.08.75, fifteen-year-old James Templeton was shot dead on the Ormeau Road. This list excludes the many sixteen-year-old Fianna and IRA youth deaths. Police say a file on the matter will be sent to the director of public prosecutions. Maurice Knowles, 17 (Protestant, a student), killed by four gunmen whilst out duck-hunting on December 30, 1974; ‘Two days later, two 16-year-old Catholics were charged with the murder and were later found guilty.’ (LL, p.508, #1291) Neither LL nor Sutton allocate responsibility but see Belfast Telegraph article on one of the convicted gunmen. Finding work was difficult in the North, so Dougan set sail for America, leaving his wife Annie and daughter Peggy behind. Dougan was buried in an unmarked grave along with two other Irishmen who died at the time, Hugh Stranney and J. Dougherty. Hughes was referring to the IRA’s historical organisations for child soldiers, namely Fianna na hÉireann for boys and Cumann na gCailíní for girls, which were both resurrected in 1970/71 for activities in support of the mainstream IRA. Last night Mackin was released without charge from Antrim holding centre where he was being questioned. He admitted he had fired the fatal shots.’ (LL, p.737, #1970). I am going to start by examining one of them – the IRA’s enlistment and exploitation of children and usage of them to participate actively in the IRA’s self-declared hostilities. His nephew Tomas O Dubhagain conducted research after seeing an old newspaper piece about a captured Irish Republican Army (IRA) unit in Co. Cavan during the Irish War of Independence in 1921. Óglach [IRA Volunteer] Sean O’Riordan (13)On 19.02.72, fourteen-year-old David McAuley accidentally shot himself in the head with a weapon he was handling. you had the Fianna at this time, young kids, from twelve to sixteen, [but] they had to be over fifteen to be trained in weapons, both Fianna and the Cumann na gCailíní [girl’s version]. Could NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2021 go virtual due to COVID? One of the few republicans and later prominent Sinn Fein personalities to have admitted to a war crime in Northern Ireland is well-known Derry republican and Irish language activist, former chairperson of Northern Sinn Fein, former Mayor of the city and former member of the Policing Board, Gerry O’Hara/Gearoid O’hEara.

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