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Invisible skin? Because then your game is over. Type codes from above to the blank area. How did you get all the other codes? Last Updated on 2 November, 2020 . Dude thx so much although those 2 ones didn’t work Even the most primitive beeps would be more atmospheric than the absolute silence that prevails in this game.Also playable on the browser. @Person You have to install the Ntl mod, it has the code button, this is cool i like the fox ears the most!. The Pikachu code just gave me cosmetics, but whatevs. This is nice and intuitive, but it has the disadvantage that you often cover part of the game with your finger. It’s end. This is not due to offended players, but rather some mistakes do users using Slither io codes 2020 that the manufacturers have not yet been able to correct. Yay . Slither io codes, by cleverly maneuvering, you can get other snakes to collide with you. Overall, good! Thank you! If you have any doubt just check this video from youtuber LONEX: Play against other people online! 1 Slither io Codes – Full List. But thx! The playing field consists of black tiles stuck together. I recommend this, totally! Slither io Codes – November 2020. (you can copy paste these codes) Hit “Enter” button to use codes. But if I did put in the crown skin I got cosmetics. Slither io Codes – An updated list with tons of codes to unlock new and exclusive skins for your slither, like the Pikachu Skin. If you accidentally run into one of these snakes, the round is over for you. But the primacy and 0001-0002-0003 and 9999-9999-9999 didn’t work but that’s okay. Codes (November 2020) But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains! I recommend getting the invisible skin the all nines were great. Apparently whenever the codes is overwhelmed by the simultaneous display of several snakes. How can we make new codes and new cosmetics? Thanks! I’m not mad just kinda disappointed. Neither the Pikachu one or the 9999-9999-9999 worked, but overall it’s fine. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us. October 5, 2020 Other Games. Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️, I got tons of cool thing thanks to you guys, does this work on browser, if yes how do you redeem the code. This adds a whole new dimension to the rather simple game principle. We provide you more than 10 exclusive codes, unlock new and exclusive skins for your Slither, and try them all: We will keep this list updated, and we wil add new codes to the list as soon as we can. Even though the pickacu skin didn’t work. Thanks for everything! In this post, you will find all the active and working Slither Io Codes list for 2020. They all worked expect the pikachu one thanks your amazing! Thanks for your time and effort, now I can brag about it to my friends! The pikachu and the crown one didn’t work for me but I got a lot of cosmetics, also the 9999-9999-9999 and the 0001-0002-0003 didn’t work for me. The one that goes 0001-0002-0003 didn’t work along with the one that whent 9999-9999-9999 didn’t work etheir. is based on the snake game, a real game dinosaur that already saw in 1976. At the top left of the screen, you will find comments from other players and at the bottom left is the current length of your worm and your current rank in the high score list. Do you have the code? The opposing snakes are not controlled by the smartphone, but by other real players who are connected to the server via the Internet. I got so many cosmetics. Can you become the longest slither? I love it the pica skin no work tho and neither did 0001-0002-0003 and 9999-9999-999. On the one hand, the game has to struggle with delays despite the WiFi connection, which is usually not very good with an online multiplayer, on the other hand, there seem to be a few problems with the equipment of the skins. However, one wonders why the ratings are sometimes very bad. It helped a whole heap!!! If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it’s game over. But it takes a while to get a decent worm length. I can’t find the button, what’s going on? The pikachu code actually gave me cosmetic choices. As you soak up the points, your worm becomes longer. However, it has much better graphics and can be played with or against other players. These represent your food. Get the new code and redeem some free skin. However, you have to be careful not to be eaten by yourself. Most of the codes worked but a few didn’t. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Helping gamers with walkthroughs, guides, cheats & console commands and codes lists since 2005, Soda Simulator Codes – Roblox – November 2020, Bleach Immortal Soul Codes Redeem Code – November 2020, Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes & Unlock requirements. Thank you so much I’ve been wondering how people were able to have all these cool looking but thanks to you now mine is so pretty! The pikachu one just gave me cosmetics and 0001-0002-0003 and 9999-9999-9999 didn’t work. I didn’t get crown and Pikachu though, I got heaps of cosmetics, ( I’m not complaining ) although the 9999-9999-9999 and 0001-0002-0003 didn’t work. More worms are added. The playing style at codes should be similar. Feel free to contribute the topic. its not on my screen. It sure works, but 0001-0002-0003 and 9999-9999-9999 don’t work but who cares? I was always wondering, how did they get that? I got extra cosmetics! Thank u so much bro i like pikachu thats why i typed this again thank u bro. You create your own nickname, because Slither is not played alone but against other players online. Are you guy tell code i know (1) 0150-6765-3243 (2) 0295-1038-1704 (3) 0368-9044-0388 (4) to be continew…. Do you want to get some exclusive skins? I’m just curious, how do you find these codes?. Various colorful dots are spread out wildly on it. Thank you a lot this helped me alot <3. All the codes that say you can get the crown skin didn’t work. This is just great! But if the connection problems are fixed soon, the game could stay in its well-deserved place in the top charts for a while. But now, it’s my turn! To do this, go to the portal, enter a nickname and the fun can begin. Unlocked so many cosmetics! I got tons of cosmetics tysm!!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Newest codes are first in the list. But other than that I unlocked so many other hats! Our Codes 2020 Wiki has the latest list of working code. “” definitely needs a few updates before it can become a satisfactory multiplayer. There were so many to unlock thanks! The peculiarity of this game is, however, that other snakes are also on the field. 9999-9999-9999 didn’t work At the bottom right, you can use the radar to see where you are currently. At the top right of the screen is the high score list of the best players currently. Codes are combinations of 12 numbers, but each 4 numbers are separated by a “-“. WOW! The snake was very popular. I’ve got tons of cosmetics! Now when I play online with the theatre glasses people follow me! Codes. Those who only deal with the game for a short time should generally not be bothered by such shortcomings. Feel free to contribute the topic. there were a few that didnt work but great codes overall. Home » Guides » Slither io Codes List 2020. is a fun game for in between and still strongly reminds of the old snake game on the black and white displays. With every point she takes in, she gets a little longer. I tried the pikichu one but it didnt work. The great part of this game that you can change the skin color of your slither worm and its outfits. Your email address will not be published. Then the game was over. A snake, which was controlled by buttons on the screen and got longer and longer. Then they break up into smaller pieces – which you can eat to grow yourself. Type codes from above to the blank area. A second shortcoming: the game stutters occasionally. I really like the cosmetics but 9999-9999-9999 and 0001-0002-0003 didn’t work ☹︎. I hope “Slither io Codes 2020” helps you. Dont you have to put in all codes to get it? I hope “Slither io Codes 2020” helps you. List of All Slither IO Codes We Found Working Till October 2020 0056-6697-1963 – King Crown, Dragon Wings/Bunny ears, Construction Helmet 0150-6765-3242 – Nose Goggle, Heart Goggle/Eyebrows, One Eye Magnifying Glass/spikes collar 0295-1038-1704 – Star/retro style Goggle, Brown Hair Wig/Graduation cap, Lens Goggle/Headphone Required fields are marked *. Yeet. The task of this snake is simple: it has to eat the colorful dots that are distributed on the field. Some of them didn’t work but thx also where did u get these, i tried the one with only nines and it did’nt work , thx but some of them did not work thank you so muchh dude, Your email address will not be published.

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