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MK loses one of her heroes, we get some answers to the van Sant question, and Nic continues his work in The Breach, with a focus on exploring the mysteries of Pacifica Station. Nic and a new friend pursue a lead concerning the last known location of Geoff van Sant. They have a sexual encounter that results in Tanis getting pregnant ("Finding Stormy a Stud"), which she later tells Wayne by phone. First appearance Nic digs into the strange world of the brand new breach known as The Garrison Anomaly, and we hear another excerpt from the mysterious partial manuscript titled Pacifica. Sexuality Affiliation At the party, she invites Wayne into the barn, but he drives to visit Rosie instead, who tells him she is breaking up with him to move to Vancouver ("We Don't Fight at Weddings"). She has also apparently had a sexual encounter with Dax and Ron; although she maintains 'never again', she seems on friendly terms with them as well. The Hicks join the Natives to drive his group out of town, with Tanis throwing Jay to the ground and punching his lights out. She is later seen at the Letterkenny Spelling Bee, sharing a bet with the Coach and Tyson on who will win: Tyson favors Joint Boy, Coach favors Jonesy and Reilly, and Tanis (who stuffs the money for all three bets into her bra) favors Katy, a prior champion. Letterkenny Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. One of these strangers will force Nic to make an incredibly difficult decision. During the later stages of the Bee, she uses a tape recorder to prove that McMurray is cheating. Wayne heads off a rivalry by inviting Tanis to the celebration at the farm, which she agrees to, bringing fireworks ("Great Day for Thunder Bay"). TANIS - EPISODE 301 … Tanis is the tough, no-nonsense leader of the Natives, who sometimes refer to her affectionately as \"Auntie Tanis.\" She brings the group out to intimidate Reilly, Jonesy, and the other Letterkenny Shamrocks when they come to the Rez for a game; fear of her BFIs (\"Big Fuckin' Indians\") had already given some of them \"the Native Flu\" (\"Rave\").She sells cigarettes in Letterkenny, admitting it is not a \"politically correct\" m… [3] Tanis mimics the successful format of the earlier nonfictional investigative podcast Serial, notably its "unpretentious narrative style and mystery 'plot'". Hair Archived. It emerges that the Letterkenny ban has left them low on funds for the community. Runner Available" In the first episode of Tanis, our host, Nic Silver, wonders if the Internet Age might contain one great last mystery, an ancient myth known as "Tanis." The Natives If you'd like to support TANIS and receive access to bonus episodes, print materials, and all kinds of interesting stuff, visit our patreon page. Tanis flirts with him when he comes to the Rez for cookouts, or to defend the hockey players, and when she encounters him in town, as at McMurray's hot tub party ("The Battle for Bonnie McMurray"). They are eventually put off by each other's personal habits, however, and realize that they will not work as a couple in the long term, parting as friends after a night of sex. Sam Raimi and Debbie Liebling will serve as the show's producers. Sam Reynolds’ condition deteriorates further, Morgan reveals more about Pacifica, and MK’s research into the Cult of Tanis and the Ancient myth of Eld Fen bring Nic closer to Haidagurl, and perhaps, one step closer to finding Tanis. The third episode was released on October 19 and subsequent episodes have generally been released every two weeks, although episodes were released weekly in season five. As the search for Geoff van Sant continues, a new friend uncovers a pair of ancient folktales, and Nic continues to explore how his dreams or memories might be related to Tanis. Tanis and Wayne find some mutual attraction, as they are the matriarch/patriarch of their respective groups; Tanis often refers to Wayne affectionately as "Boo", even though she also frequently mocks his accent and mannerisms. We want to keep making Tanis. [2], The first season of Tanis premiered October 13, 2015, when the first two episodes were released. The answers, he soon discovers, are far more complicated. A temple inscription datable to the reign of Ramesses II mentions a "Field of Tanis", while the city in se is securely attested in two 20th Dynasty documents: the Onomasticon of Amenope and the Story of Wenamun, as the home place of the pharaoh–to–be Smendes. Wayne is unmoved, but Tanis then produces a three-legged dog—and another three-legged dog. Once again, she flirts with Wayne several times during the encounter. They part as friends after another sexual encounter. save hide report. The search for Sam Reynolds leads to a strange duplex in Everett, Washington, a mysterious man has a proposition, and Nic continues his search for the elusive Haidagurl. The search for clues takes Nic from the dark world of his dreams to an abandoned underground laboratory, and MK uncovers information that may finally lead them to Veronika. Season 1 Season 1 of the Tanis podcast, has a total of 7 episodes currently uploaded out of 12 No. Nic continues to dig into his dreams, Paul from the Cult of Tanis has some advice, and some old work logs from Pacifica Station tell a familiar story. Nic finally meets the mystery woman in the garage, Karl van Sant has more to tell us from beyond the grave, and we take another trip back in time, to the dawn of the serial killer. Wally warns Wayne and the Hicks to stay out of the way of Tanis, who is his estranged daughter. [9], In 2017, Universal Cable Productions and Dark Horse Entertainment announced a deal to adapt Tanis for television, led by Miles and television writer Lee Shipman. [2] It is one of a spate of podcasts released in the wake of Serial's first season in 2014 that remixed those elements of Serial with the horror and mystery genres, other such podcasts including Alice Isn't Dead, ars Paradoxica, and Tanis sister show The Black Tapes. Stream and listen online, only on Gaana.com. 110. Her superb barbecue skills quickly make Axe and Slash re-think their choice: Shyla and Shania manage to burn or undercook nearly everything they fix. TANIS BONUS #6. https://letterkenny.fandom.com/wiki/Tanis?oldid=3450. Nic and MK uncover a mysterious guru and an interesting connection between Nic’s name and Tanis, while Nic’s working in the area Cameron Ellis refers to as “The Breach,” begins to have a very strange effect. Reviews are the NUMBER ONE thing that keeps us on the charts where people can find us. TANIS MINI EPISODE #8. In the show, Silver undertakes a search to discover what and where the mysterious entity Tanis is. Financial support for the podcast comes from listeners via Patreon and sponsors, for whose products and services ads are integrated into the production. The coach (who is also Native) refuses, citing the Eagles' position as first in the league. Female Nic encounters a stranger in the woods with a message, uncovers some Russian hippies in Greece who might be connected to Tanis, and looks into a weird guidebook that might provide a clue. Portrayal With a familiar artifact in hand, Nic enlists the help of a familiar voice to accompany him to Northern British Columbia in search of Rose Hempel. When the Bay brothers are reported to be returning to Letterkenny for hay season, everyone wants to throw them a party, including Tanis, as they are part native. Cameron Ellis provides more information about what might be happening with what he calls “The Breach,” Meerkatnip digs up a strange audio recording on the deep web, and Nic uncovers a mysterious key. While up there looking into her disappearance, Nic discovers that Rose may have had an ulterior motive for visiting the area. She reveals to the Irish that she wasn't planning for them to win anyway- merely to put on a good show for her cousins and convince them to join, as well as impress the Eagles. Tanis is unattested before the 19th Dynasty of Egypt, when it was the capital of the 14th nome of Lower Egypt. Nic Silver, a former radio host, discovers references to something called Tanis in two disparate sources. Tanis decides to test-run the former Letterkenny Shamrockettes against the Letterkenny Irish. Cameron Ellis has something hidden in the basement, and a letter addressed to Karl van Sant leads to a mysterious John Doe in the Pacific Northwest. Nic’s search for Tanis leads him back to Meerkatnip, who introduces him to two of the internet’s biggest mysteries, and the Jack Parsons connection comes to an explosive end in Pasadena. Wally talks about the barrenness of the pantry at the elders' lodge. The search for Geoff van Sant continues, Nic receives a call from an old friend, and all lines begin to lead to Pacifica Station. Nic looks into something mysterious known as The Catalyst, MK reads an alchemical poem, and Cameron Ellis provides more information on certain entities potential agendas regarding the area he refers to as The Breach. Telling your friends doesn't hurt either... We REALLY appreciate it! His search, aided with information provided by Meerkatnip, leads him to confront a variety of mysterious groups and organizations: Tesla Nova Corporation, a group Silver calls "The Cult of Tanis", and a group known as the Grackles. Tanis then re-assembles the Letterkenny Irish with Coach, including Reilley, Jonesey, Dax, Ron, Shoresy, Tyson and Joint Boy. Single Kaniehtiio (Tiio) Horn Tanis is scored with backing music and features a musical intro song by Miles's former band, Ashley Park. Welcome, and thank you so much for listening to TANIS! MK uncovers some very interesting items at a garage sale in Denver, the search for Veronika Pilman continues, and Nic’s sensory deprivation tank experience delivers another mysterious clue.

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