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19.2 above, or in any event, within 30 days, he/she may start the joint conciliation procedure established by Consorzio Netcomm and the Consumer Associations, to which TicketOne is committed. 20.1 The Contract is subject to Italian law. 19 below, if he/she has suspicion or becomes aware of any illegal use or inappropriate disclosure of the said data. Confidential data of the credit card (card number, holder, expiry date, security code) are encrypted and transmitted directly payment handler. III, Consumer Code”). Some numbers contain '(',')' or some numbers start with the country code but others not, just because people have different writing habits. f) a plurality of users may simultaneously attempt to make the purchase of the same category of Tickets in relation to the same Event ("Same Ticket"); 19 below, subject to the payment of the related costs. These numbers are public. 19 below. In case of postponement or cancellation of the Event by the Promoter, TicketOne shall notify to the Customer, in the name and on behalf of the Promoter itself, the measures adopted by the latter as to the refund or the replacement of the Tickets related to the Event, which is postponed or cancelled. e) Tickets corresponding to the category where the statement "Not available” is not shown in the page “Tickets” of the Website, which the user accesses after choosing the date of the Event, can be added to the Shopping Cart, by clicking on the button “ADD TO THE SHOPPING CART”, but they can be purchased only provided that the condition under letter (i) below occurs; These are random numbers from Italy , different area codes represent different locations. 12.1.9 The Customer is also advised to check that the package containing the Tickets is intact, undamaged, not wet nor in any way, and it is in his/her best interest to indicate any anomaly, if present, on the shipping document of the carrier, accepting the package with reservations. 5 below and is allowed both to users who act in their capacity of Consumers and to users who do not act in such capacity. 16 below; therefore, TicketOne may cancel a Ticket already issued or a purchase order related to a Ticket already placed. It does not give the right to the so called fantickets issue. because they spontaneously abandoned the shopping cart or because of the expiry of the maximum time available to complete the purchase, during which the Ticket is reserved to the user who put it in the shopping cart, or because the transaction was not successful); in this case, in fact, the system offers the Ticket - for which the purchase procedure has not been completed - for sale again, according to the above outlined rules. The delivery term of the specific order shall also be indicated in the order confirmation. 11.1 Payment by credit card 11 above. Claim your business to immediately update business information, track page views, and more! 19 below. In the event that the Ticket appears to be stolen, duplicated or obtained in breach of the present T&C and/or the law, the Ticket Holder shall not be authorized by the Promoter to access the Event Venue or he/she may be forced to abandon it. 5.3 The registration within the Website enables the user, through the confidential and personal account, named "My TicketOne", to carry out - inter alia - the following activities: The Customer is not burdened to grant TicketOne the Additional Time Limit ex Art. The user shall be notified immediately after the order placement, through the Website, of such termination and of the subsequent order cancellation. 17.1 Except in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, TicketOne shall not be liable for any cost and damage, direct and indirect, suffered by the Customer in connection with the Ticket sale. The user hereby undertakes to keep them secret and to ensure that no third party gains access to them. 9. - through the Website, by accessing the following section: ; TicketOne is not liable for the supply of services and/or for the sale of products by these parties. 21.4 The user who is resident in a member state of the European Union other than Italy may also have access, for any dispute arising from the application, execution and interpretation of these T&C, to the European procedure set up for minor disputes, by Regulation (EC) no. b) the allotment may also be increased in consideration of the further availability of Tickets that the Promoter notifies to TicketOne; We list these random numbers here to show different phone number formats from different countries. 12.3.4 The access control system will authorize the entrance of only 1 Ticket corresponding to 1 single barcode. 18.2 Furthermore, Tickets may not constitute the award of competitions, either falling or not falling within the scope of the Presidential Decree No. Fantickets) are indicated in the “Methods of Delivery” section of the Shopping Cart. While waiting for the requested document, the order shall be suspended. Event Venue: means the set of buildings and grounds where a specific Event takes place. In all cases of cancellation and/or postponement of the Event, the Customer may contact the Promoter in order to enforce all his/her rights against him. The user is reminded that, in any case, in order to avail himself/herself of the delivery method Stampa@casa (Print@home), the user must use a personal computer, where “Adobe Acrobat Reader” shall be installed and updated to 7.0.8 or higher and where any previous versions of the same program shall be uninstalled. 10.1 The Contract is subject to the condition subsequent of the non-payment of the Total Amount. III, Consumer Code (“Excluded Cases”) if: Customer service and Complaints Monday - Friday: hrs 8-21 hrs Saturday hrs 9-17,30 hrs Sunday chiuso hrs. Furthermore, the Customer pursuant to Art. Postponed or cancelled Event 5.4 The registration credentials (e-mail address and password) enable the user to make purchases on the Website and to carry out, inter alia, the activities under Art. Customer: means the person who, through TicketOne Services, purchases the Ticket from the Promoter, by distance sale - through the Website, through the App or by telephone, or on-premises, at TicketOne Outlet. the order placement), unless otherwise indicated. In the event that such payment does not occur, the Contract will be terminated. The Service Fees due in respect of each Ticket and/or with each order are specifically indicated during the purchase procedure and, in particular, in the Shopping Cart and in the Order Recap, together with the Total Amount. COVID 19: For information and refund terms please. Delivery of the Tickets purchased on the Website can be carried out at the user's choice and upon payment of the relevant costs, if due, with the following methods: (i) delivery to the postal address indicated in the “Address” phase of the purchase procedure (“Home Delivery”) and (ii) collection at the Event Venue or another place designated by the Promoter for the collection ( “Designated Place”) and indicated to the user during the purchase procedure, before the conclusion of the Contract (“Pick-up at the Venue Box Office”). In the event that the Customer encounters problems while printing the Tickets, the Customer may immediately notify it to the dedicated address, indicating the order number. Therefore, TicketOne does not have access to, nor memorizes, the credit card data used by the user for payment of the Tickets, except for the case set forth by Articles 11.1.2 and 11.1.3 above, with reference only to the card holder’s data. 61, para. 10.2 Ownership of the Tickets will be transferred to the user at the time of conclusion of the Contract. The amount of the delivery costs due by the user in relation to a specific order is expressly and separately indicated (in Euros, including VAT) during the purchase procedure, in the Shopping Cart, in the Order Recap and, in any case, before the user proceeds with the order placement and payment. 18.1 Tickets cannot be resold upon payment within the performance of a professional business activity, even if not organized in the form of a company, without the express consent of the Promoter and in any case whenever the Promoter specifically prohibits the transfer of ownership based on the principle that the Ticket is strictly personal. The Total Amount due by the user to TicketOne shall be charged when the order is placed. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Milano and beyond. Scope 5.5 The user hereby guarantees that the personal data provided to TicketOne, during the registration procedure within the Website or in any other moment and/or occasion within his/her relationship with TicketOne, are complete, truthful and can only be referred to the user himself/herself and undertakes to indemnify and hold TicketOne harmless against any losses, damages, and/or liabilities arising from and/or in any way connected to the breach by the user of the warranty referred to in this article and/or the breach of the rules concerning the registration within the Website, and/or the storage of his/her registration credentials. In the first case, the user chooses the category and the number of desired seats and the Server allocates to the user the seats that, at the moment of the request, and within the allotment reserved to TicketOne, are the best among those available within the selected category. Therefore, TicketOne is not responsible for the contents of such websites or for any possible mistakes and/or omissions and/or legal violations by said websites. 7.1 In relation to the Tickets that may be purchased through the Website, TicketOne informs and the user acknowledges and agrees that, in relation to certain kind of Event, such as, for example, musical Events: 2. where applicable, the placement of the order form must be completed within the maximum time indicated on the Website; - Manage the subscription to the "Newsletter" and/or "ticket alert"; 5. 14. 12.1.2 The Home Delivery is made via courier. 51, para. Registration within the Website the e-mail provider that the user utilizes); 5.2 Each user can avail himself/herself of only one registration with the Website. Purchase Contract: means the contract entered into by and between the Promoter and the Customer, as the result of the supply of TicketOne Services, and which scope is the purchase of the Ticket, governed by these T&C and by the information provided on the Website, before the conclusion of the contract, also pursuant to Articles 49 et seq. 1. to conclude a purchase contract for a Ticket on the Website, the user must fill out an order form in electronic format and send it to TicketOne electronically, following the instructions that will appear from time to time on the Website; TicketOne shall reply to such request at the latest within 15 working days as of the receipt and, in any case, in sufficient time to enable the Customer to attend the Event. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. 14 below. Other changes 21.3 TicketOne finally informs the user qualifying as Consumer that if he/she submitted a complaint to TicketOne, but was not satisfied with the outcome of the same or has not received a reply within the period referred to in Art. We are a service that allows you to use our free Italy phone numbers to receive SMS online and Receive SMS Online Italy. The user can access the order form and/or the data relating to the same through his/her personal account called "My TicketOne". These numbers look exactly like the real, valid ones, because these numbers are collected from the yellow pages and directories, and have been revised and modified.

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