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Leave the o-ring on the nib sleeve to help ensure that it doesn’t get lost. A few scuffs from my keys but still in great condition. Meticulous in things other than spelling :( But anyway, thanks for the help. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to screw the piston mechanism into place. I clip it inside my front pocket, closest to my hip that I can put it. Step 3: Slide the wrench into the flat sides of the connector. If you are satisfied with the gap, move on to the next step. If you notice that the piston is feeling sticky and hard to move, however, that means that it’s time to apply more silicone grease. The end of the screw with the flat, round top slides into the hollow end of the piston and fits snugly into place. If you have an old Vac700 fountain pen, you can find replacement nib units for it here. Insert the non-piston end of the screw into the rectangular hole on the end of the connector. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fountainpens community. TWSBI’s Vac Mini feels like a $65 pen should. Disassembly the whole pen? Once you know how to disassemble and reassemble your TWSBI fountain pen, keeping it clean and working smoothly is a breeze. You can continue disassembling the piston mechanism by removing the wrench and fully unscrewing the end cap from the connector, but we don’t recommend doing so as there is generally no need. When the piston mechanism is fully assembled, turning the end cap forces the screw bolt to turn. With the end cap screwed all the way down and the piston fully retracted, there should be a small gap (about 1–4 mm) between the piston and the connector. Unscrew the end cap to release the wrench, then twist it clockwise to tighten it down. Do you have any questions we didn’t answer? Over time, piston- and vacuum-filled pens can build up ink stains in the barrel, and their mechanisms will lose their lubrication and start to feel sticky. At that point, you can clean out the barrel and lubricate the piston—the two main reasons to disassemble the pen. The connector has two round sides and two flat sides. The screw bolt is locked between the end cap and the connector and cannot move up or down, so when it turns it forces the screw to extend or retract, moving the piston. The TWSBI Go has a “snap” cap that isn’t internally reinforced in any way, leading me to wonder whether or not it might be prone to cracking over the long term. Now that you’ve got the piston mechanism assembled and adjusted, unscrew the end cap just enough for you to be able to slip the wrench into place, then tighten the cap back down. 2) Slide the piston onto the end of the screw. TWSBI pens come with a vial of silicone grease included, and you can find more. Send an electronic gift card by email to a fellow pen junkie! Look, some people will act as diehard TWSBI acolytes and tell you "well rarara I had my TWSBI for yeaaaaaaars without a hitch and it has been through two tours of the thunderdome with me!". If the piston mechanism has been fully disassembled, follow these steps to reassemble it: You should have all of the parts listed earlier in this guide: the piston, screw, connector, screw bolt, and end cap. To disassemble the grip section, simply unscrew it from the barrel and pull off the grip and metal collar. How long has it been? Be careful to turn the wrench clockwise, since this is the opposite direction from how most things need to be unscrewed. 3) Slide the wrench into place and tighten the end cap. Screw the end cap back down, and you will notice that the gap is now smaller. If you’re having trouble finding it, check inside the bottom of the case the pen came in. The FPN Admin Team The TWSBI Go isn’t intended to be a … But my question is, how do I baby this to prevent it from cracking again? Replacement nibs for the Vac 700R can be found here, and replacement nibs for the Vac Mini can be found here. In fact, I wish TWSBI would make a Vac mini AL for this very reason. Your best bet's to contact their customer support. Seems to be environmental stress cracking (aka its quite spontaneous and happens when it wants to). I have a vac mini I bought used (seller said they had inked it once, but never really used it). It is not immune to the cracking problems that nearly all TWSBI plastic pens have--in the 700's case, it seems to be confined to the cap itself, which will sometimes crack right at the junction of the metal ring and the rest of the cap. Watch this video to see how to disassemble and reassemble a vacuum-filled pen. I'd carry the TWSBI mini AL in my pocket, no worries. For what it's worth, I don't carry a TWSBI in my pants pocket, but I'll slip it inside my jacket's inner lining (the front pockets are attached to the bottom of the liner and open at the top, making a 'pocket' of sorts inside) and it rides there well. Vacuum-filled TWSBI pens are easy to disassemble and reassemble, especially compared to piston-filled TWSBI pens. It's a rock-solid beast in a tiny package. The only pen that I am comfortable putting in my pants pocket (at least on a regular basis) is my Kaweco Sport, and even then I would be happier with the aluminum or brass models. For the Mini AL, just swap the clear plastic grip piece with the aluminum one that came with your pen. For a reliable, low cost workhorse fountain pen, you can’t go wrong with any TWSBI. This is how you normally turn things to unscrew them, but it is the opposite of how you unscrew a TWSBI piston mechanism. Hm new issue I havent seen, I would contact Philip at TWSBI to see what he thinks about it. But I've heard about the issues that come with TWSBI pens sometimes. You can further disassemble the nib unit by pulling the nib and feed out of the nib sleeve. I sent TWSBI an e-mail about exchanging the nib, and they told me I'd have to send it to California for repair. But I filled out the support form on their contact page. If it wasn't for that, TWSBI would be recognised as an awful brand. The ink capacity is great and the size is just right. Only the techniques and tools whose performance we personally confirm make it into our guides as recommendations. Is there an easier way to do it?basically, take it apart which is super easyor just pump and pump and pump Check out the Full Version of Episode 107: at GouletPens Store: http://www.GouletPens.comRead GouletPens blog: GouletPens on Facebook: GouletPens on Twitter: GouletPens on Instagram: GouletPens on Pinterest: Always use the wrench—if you use just your fingers, it’s possible to install the piston mechanism in a way that you won’t be able to get the wrench into place to take the pen apart again. Let's assume that all plastics have the potential to break - that said, if the price of the pen becomes the prevailing concern you could always get a Wing Sung 698 demonstrator for less than 20 usd. Slide the wrench under the end cap so that the jaws of the wrench line up with the flat sides of the connector. Press J to jump to the feed. I love my TWSBI Mini but I wouldn't subject it to that strain. Two weeks of light use on my part and there are two cracks on the barrel (the top and bottom threads. What’s new in the mini is the one piece body and section. Shame, nice pens. I've had two Vac minis do this. Is there anything I can do to minimize the chance of cracking? Between the plastic of my Mini and the plastic of my Kaweco Skyline Sport, I'd bet on the Mini any day. Feel free to contact us or let us know in the comments below! Others have mentioned the Kaweco Sport. I usually take it out for more casual and semi-casual events. You should feel the screw bolt catch onto the screw and start retracting it into the connector. Given TWSBI's being somewhat prone to cracking I'm wondering how they hold up. Mine is the brass version, but they come in different metals and alloys. If there is no gap between the piston and the connector, unscrew the end cap, pull out the screw, and start over from Step 5. I mean this thing is so common now I find it strange you are surprised. Also try not to remove the nib, unless you really need to. Warmest regards, Apply silicon grease to the side of the piston. Our writers draw on their personal expertise, consult our in-house subject matter experts, and do extensive research to make our guides as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Anyway, TWSBI support was nice enough to send a new barrel for $3 shipping. How Do You Clean The TWSBI Vac Mini? At this point, with the wrench still wedged in place, you can clean out the pen barrel and apply silicone grease to the piston. They may look a little different depending on which pen you have, but all TWSBI piston pens have them. A few weeks ago, I bought a used TWSBI Vac Mini with a F-C cursive italic nib and it has since been my go to replacing my TWSBI Eco as my daily writer. There are many versions obviously the one with gold nibs will be more expensive. - Q&A Slices - YouTube I've been carrying a TWSBI mini in my pocket for the better part of a year in a cheap pen sleeve and I've had no issues. I usually put a smear of Silicone Grease on the threads and a drop of Silicone Oil on O-rings. Precision The Precision’s grip section follows the general design of the Classic, Diamond 580, and 580AL: it has a nib sleeve, metal collar, o-ring, and a grip piece. I had that issue with both my Twsbi Mini and Vac Mini but on blind cap threads. I am pretty sure I didn't do anything unusual. The Kaweco Sport is about the only fountain pen on the market that can pull front pocket usage scenario without issues. Eventually, after the screw has been fully extended, you will feel it drop back slightly into the connector. My Vac Mini is still alright so far but my Diamond Mini has cracked before while it was shoved in a different case in my front pocket. If you really must, just tighten the vac assembly finger tight. I remember seeing a mention of it a couple of years ago on the TWSBI Facebook page and people went ga-ga over it. I don't have any fear that it will leak or anything, but there is a little crack near the back knob possibly from over-tightening. YMMV. Make sure you screw the end cap all the way to the end of the threaded section. 2) Slide the piston mechanism into the barrel of the pen. International delivery is limited. TWSBI does not offer replacement nib units for the Precision, but you can pull out the nib and feed and replace them with ones from a Diamond 580 replacement nib unit. Seriously? I'm going to he carrying this around in my suit pocket, which would be a problem if it started to leak. Leaving ink in the pen is problematic for obvious reasons. TWSBI even has replacement nib units available, so you can swap nib sizes whenever you want! How to Disassemble and Reassemble TWSBI Fountain Pens, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub. Whenever I can't carry a pen in my jacket or bag, I almost exclusively carry a brass Kaweco Liliput. At 24 grams, it’s got a nice bit of heft without being heavy. Failing that, buy a different pen. Then, twist the end cap clockwise until the wrench is firmly clamped between the end cap and the connector. We then test every finding that makes it through the research stage. Just follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be a pro before you know it. If the gap is wrong, either the pen won’t hold enough ink or the end cap won’t screw all the way down.

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