Living Room Inspiration

A few weeks ago, after spending an incredible week in Paris, I returned home high on life and full of inspiration. That inspiration will definitely come in handy for my upcoming project – our ultimate home renovation.

Let’s rewind a bit, shall we? Two weeks ago, a water pipe burst in our home, destroying the majority of our living space. After the initial cleanup, we determined that our kitchen, living room, my bedroom and my beauty room/closet were damaged beyond repair and needed a complete overhaul. We’re talking paint, new floors, furniture, decor – the works! Although the damage was devastating and inconvenient (with the holidays right around the corner), I always try to look at the bright side. This gave us the chance to have some real fun and redecorate these spaces. I was so excited to go on the hunt for the best recliner and a swanky new coffee table to show off some editotal books. Luckily, I have an eye for interior design and love the thought of decorating our space by myself; if this wasn’t the case, I’d likely reach out to an interior design service like laurel & wolf to help out and create my dream home!

I’ve decided to take you all along with me on this renovation journey and add some fun Interior content to SWW. I’ll be documenting the entire process, from inspiration and furniture shopping to execution and, finally, the big reveal of each room. Be sure to check back in to follow my adventures in redecorating.

I’ll be starting with my living room and have been a slave to Pinterest over the last couple of weeks. I’ve collected a handful of my favorite photos to guide me through the design process. I’d really like to stick to a monochromatic color palette, with a ton of natural elements (greens, reclaimed wood, stone), different textures and mixed metals. I’m also thinking about buying some blinds that fit in with the interior design that I’m going for. That’s when my friend told me to have a look at these hunter douglas blinds to see if I can find any inspiration, as apparently they do a range of different styles. She said that they’ll compliment any room that I put them in. It sounds like a great option to consider. But I want to make sure that I have all of my furniture first so that I’m able to come to a conclusive decision. My first order of business – decide on a sofa. I’m leaning towards a tan leather sofa, as I want something that’s durable and comfortable, but a part of me wants to keep the room bright and airy with a light grey or white sofa. Once I’ve ordered the sofa, the centerpiece of the room, I can move onto the rest of the elements.

Feel free to share your suggestions and advice throughout this process, as I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Images via SincerelyJules, Pinterest, MercadinhoDesign, @alexanderwhitesthlm, MaisonTrouvaille, Mikuta & DevonRachel.