My name is Melissa Reyes and I am the creator and founder of SeeWantWear. I was born and raised in the Boston area, but marinated in Savannah, Georgia for a few years, where I left a small piece of my heart. I currently reside in Massachusetts with my son & two dogs.


I’m always interested in working with brands who align with my aesthetic & style.

For all sponsored posts, collaborations, reviews & giveaway inquiries, please email: parterships@seewantwear.com.

For personal emails, please contact: melissa@seewantwear.com.


Founded in 2015, SeeWantWear is part style diary, part beauty school and part personal journal; a collective of the things I love. I’ve always had a passion for fashion, beauty products and all things luxurious and needed a creative outlet to catalog my affection for all things “girl”. Thus, SeeWantWear was born! SWW gives me the opportunity to inspire and to be inspired by an amazing community of like-minded people. Topics on the blog range from personal style and beauty to lifestyle and travels. My goal with SWW is to focus on delivering fresh, authentic content, 4-6 days a week, centered around the topics that myself and my girlfriends love with the hopes that you, my readers, will love it too.


The concept and name “SeeWantWear” was born based on a simple pattern I seem to follow: See it, want it, wear it! I’ve always been an impulsive shopper, but countless hours spent shopping and lurking around various style blogs bred an embarrassingly long wish list (and overflowing wardrobe). I originally imagined SWW as a personal style blog, but as the design of the blog progressed, so did the direction. I wanted the content to reflect my life and encompass all of the things that I truly love.