The market seems to be flooded with beauty brands, all clambering to grab your attention, but Australian beauty brand, Red Earth, truly stands out. I was instantly intrigued when I noticed their fun, quirky packaging pop up all over Instagram. From adorable lipstick matches to hydrating sheet masks decorated in colorful patterns and playful slogans – Red Earth makes skincare and makeup enjoyable. The Australian brand pays homage to their roots by using ingredients sourced from their birthplace, Melbourne. Best of all, Red Earth’s products are effective and easy on the wallet – best of both worlds.

My friends at Red Earth were kind enough to send me a few of their products to try and it didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels. Red Earth aims to promote individuality and embrace imperfection – a mantra that I can totally get behind. Keep reading to find out more about the newest staples in my routine.

Red Earth Beauty


Red Earth’s Hydrating Nourishing Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer that hydrates without leaving the skin feeling greasy. The texture reminds me of Glossier Priming Moisturizer, smooth and nourishing, as the name suggests. It’s hydrating enough for my dry skin, but lightweight enough to work for someone with oily skin. This moisturizer works beautifully under makeup – I’ve tested it with a handful of foundations. Plus, I don’t nessacarily need a primer when I use this, which makes my mornings easier. Best of all, it comes in a portable tube, which makes it easy to travel with.

Red Earth Beauty


Masking is one of my favorite parts of my routine and I’m obsessed with Red Earth’s Hydrating masks. Packed with aloe & hyaluronic acid, they pack a punch and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. After a day in the sun, these masks are so soothing. Again, Red Earth’s products are so affordable – a twelve pack for $24!

Red Earth Beauty


As someone with dry, dehydrated skin, I’m always looking for products that quench my skin’s thirst. Many toners contain alcohol and can be very irritating on your skin. Fortunately, when looking for a toner, you’ll be pleased to know that some are now ditching the alcohol and using more natural ingredients, like the ones found at Nevertheless, some toners feel drying on my skin, but Hydrate Boosting Toner doesn’t make my skin feel tight at all. When used in conjunction with the Hydrate Nourishing Lotion & their Brighten Concentrate Oil, my face felt so soft and hydrated. The Brighten Concentrate Oil is super light and makes my skin glow. It’s light enough to be used underneath makeup, but hydrating enough to be used as a night oil.


Secret Potion is one of my favorite Red Earth products, as it’s technically makeup, but offers skin benefits as well. It’s an illuminating cream packed with antioxidants, oils and ultra-fine pearls to add a sheen to the face or body. It looks absolutely beautiful on it’s own, as a primer or on the high points of the face as a highlight. It melts into the skin and disappears, leaving a subtle glow. Secret Potion comes in two shades, Pearl (a light, pearl shade) & Thriller (a slightly darker, bronze shade).

Red Earth Beauty


The concept of Red Earth’s Lipstick Matches are so creative and, well, fun! Obviously, the packaging is beyond adorable, but the formula is incredible too. These clutch-friendly, portable lipsticks are creamy and pigmented. They don’t leave your lips feeling dry and I never feel the need to reapply, unless I’ve been eating. The shape of the matches makes it easy to line the lips and fill them in. They’re super handy and the packaging is so tiny, that you could fit them into any handbag, no matter how small. Every time I pull them out, someone asks or comments about them. They’re seriously just too cute!

Red Earth Beauty

I love Red Earth’s vibes, ingredients and their playful packaging so much that when they asked me to become a rep, I was thrilled. I have a long list of Red Earth products that I’m dying to try and share with you here. They just launched their new Deep Dive collection, which includes their Deep Dive Water Cream, Deep Dive Thirst Quenching Water Essence and Happy Pills Masks. Stay tuned for a review on this trio soon!

If you’d like to try Red Earth, you can shop this link or use code “XOseewantwear” for 15% off your entire purchase. If you’ve tried Red Earth, I’d love to hear all about your favorite products – and if not, which products you can’t wait to get your hands on.

*Red Earth was kind enough to send these products for review. As always, all opinions are 100% honest. I earn a small commission from sales using my link or discount code.