If you’re anything like me, your heart probably skips a beat when you learn that cult-favorite beauty brand, Glossier, is releasing a new product. While some beauty brands are hit or miss, Glossier nails it for me every time – and their newest addition, Lidstar, is no exception. Glossier Lidstar is a cream eyeshadow that lights up your lids with a wash of shimmering color. Available in six shades, they have become my newest obsession.

Glossier Lidstar

Glossier Lidstar is a cream/liquid formula, beautifully packaged with a doe-foot applicator. No brush required. Once applied, Lidstar is easily blended with your fingers and leaves a sheer wash of twinkling color over your lids. Once it’s set, it doesn’t budge. One of the best features of Lidstar is that it doesn’t crease, flake or smudge until your remove it. It seriously lasts all day long. You can apply Lidstar straight from the adorable packaged tube, without priming your lids. In true Glossier fashion, Lidstar is easy to apply and even easier to wear.

Glossier Lidstar

We’ve discussed the glossy lid trend here before. Lidstar offers the gorgeous look of glossy lids with a formula that actually lasts. The formulation is a mix of coated pigment and floating multicolor pearl. Lidstar is definitely more glow than pigment, but that’s what I love about it. Once it’s blended out, you’re left with a a soft veil of shimmering color that’s beautiful and reflective. There are no chunks of glitter, just a gorgeous sheen that twinkles when you blink.

Lidstar blends nicely with your fingers and dries down to a shimmering, powder finish. The formula dries fast, but not so fast that you have to rush through your makeup (but you could if you wanted to). It’s beyond easy to use and really hard to mess up. Lidstar is the perfect product for a someone who’s new to makeup or isn’t confident with their blending skills. Just swipe on, blend with your fingertip and you’re done. Easy. If you’re looking for a more opaque look, try applying a generous amount all over the lid, then blend out just the edges to diffuse the color.

Glossier Lidstar

I’ve been experimenting with the four colors that I’ve purchased thus far – Herb (a smokey green with yellow gold pearl)Fawn (a cool, taupe with violet and neutral gold pearl)Cub (a rose gold with warm shimmer)Moon (a sheer base with blueish opalescent glimmer). I’ll be adding the other two shades to my collection as well – Slip (a baby pink with golden shimmer) & Lily (a sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls). I love them all equally, to be perfectly honest. Each shade looks pretty on it’s own or blended with another to create some depth. I’ve been using Moon on the inner corners of my eye, regardless of what shade I use. Lidstar also wears beautifully as a base, as well as over other powder shadows to add a bit of sparkle to your look.

Lidstar retails on Glossier’s website for $18, but can also be purchased as a duo for $30 (saving you $6 + free shipping). You can also score 20% off your first Glossier purchase by shopping my rep page here. You can always shop my favorite Glossier products on this landing page. As always, I appreciate the support!