If your hair is damaged, color treated or just needs a little TLC, you need this hair mask in your life! Hello Hair masks have literally saved my bleached, dehydrated hair. I’ll start by telling you a short story.

So, I confess – I’m not a natural blonde. My hair is naturally dark, but I love to experiment. For about eighteen months, I had shockingly bright, fire engine red hair. When I grew out of that shade, I started craving icy, platinum blonde locks. At the time, my hair was almost to my waist in length. I talked to my stylist and we came up with a plan to slowly transform me to my desired level (which was the whitest blonde I could get). I finally reached my blonde goals and saw my stylist every six weeks for root touch-ups like clockwork. During my last visit with said stylist, she was incredibly busy with myself and two other clients and left the bleach for entirely too long on my hair. At the bowl, she explained that I had quite a bit of breakage and that we should chill out on the bleach for a while. Imagine my shock when I see that the top half of my hair had completely broken off. My new colorist explained that my previous stylist was overlapping the bleach (over and over again) which caused my breakage. I’ve been working like hell to repair my hair ever since.

Hello Hair has been my savior! I’ve tried regular coconut oil as a hair mask with good results, but Hello Hair Masks are like coconut oil on steroids. The Australian brand uses no chemicals and it’s hair masks are packed with 100% natural ingredients. The Original Hydrating Mask uses 100% virgin organic Coconut oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Olive Leaf extract & Castor oil – a magical combination that restores & repairs your hair naturally. They also carry two additional versions, the Botanic Edition (with Lavender oil, Rosemary oil & Apricot Kernel oil) & the Island Escape Edition (with Pomegranate Seed oil & Grape Seed oil). These are both nut-free for those with allergies.

All three hair masks smell like an island vacation & contain 100g of tropical goodness. I typically get 3 uses from each package. For reference, my hair is a bit past shoulder length and super thick. I usually apply my Hello Hair mask before bed, wrap my hair in a hair towel wrap (to avoid staining my pillowcase) and wash it out in the morning. Hello Hair also offers a towel pillow cover that I’m dying to get my hands on. What a brilliant idea! The following day, my hair is left so soft and shiny. Although I use a variety of different hair masks, this is the one staple that I always keep in rotation – my holy grail.

I can now happily say that the spiky, post bleach breakage covering the top half of my head is almost fully grown out. Obviously, taking good care of my hair, handling it gently and using amazing products plays a huge role in repairing damaged locks, but I definitely credit Hello Hair masks helping my hair recover from its worst state in history.

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Thanks to Hello Hair for providing these products for review. As always, all thoughts & options are my own.