You know when you try a new beauty product and instantly fall in love? You wonder to yourself how you ever survived without it? That’s how I feel about these two new products I’ve discovered by Orlando Pita Play’s Extreme Damage & Repair collection. The entire range is designed to revitalize, protect and restore distressed hair. With product names like “Collateral Damage” and “Virgin State”, along with killer packaging, I couldn’t resist giving these products a shot.

Orlando Pita Play

Before I get into the nitty gritty about these products, I’ll start by telling you that my hair has been on a serious journey. Two years ago, an unnamed stylist over processed my hair and quite literally fried the top section of my head. I’ve been recovering (both emotionally and aesthetically) ever since. One of the ingredients I look for in my hair care is protein. Before you start searching for hair products with this ingredient, know that not everyone needs protein-based products and even those who do, shouldn’t be using them every day.

Protein products can help to strengthen and repair the keratin in your hair, which can be damaged due to chemical processing. Here’s a little trick to determine whether your hair needs protein – while your hair is wet, gently stretch one strand to gauge how much it stretches. If it returns back to it’s original form without stretching too far, you probably don’t need protein. If the strand stretches like an elastic or breaks, your hair could use some protein products.

Orlando Pita Play

Which leads us to one of my new favorites – the Orlando Pita Former Glory Protein Treatment Spray. It’s designed to restore dry, damaged hair with a blend of proteins and animo acids. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and I can definitely see and feel a positive difference in my hair. I initially pegged this for a leave-in treatment, but it’s actually used in the shower. After shampooing, spray this into your hair (as you would use a conditioner), wait 3-5 minutes and rinse. I alternate this product with Time Capsule (which we’ll talk about in a minute) and use it every other to every third time I wash my hair (about twice a week).

One of the things that I love about Former Glory, is that I’ve yet to feel the brittleness that sometimes comes with using protein products. As I mentioned before, you can have too much of a good thing – and too much protein in your hair can leave it feeling even more dry and brittle than when you started. I’ve only noticed positive changes in my hair; I’ve noticed less breakage, it’s shinier and feels stronger. A bonus? Orlando Pita Play Former Glory also protects against heat damage.

Orlando Pita Play

The other product making it’s way to the top shelf of my shower is the Orlando Pita Time Capsule Fortifying Treatment Mask. Former Glory and Time Capsule are a match made in hair heaven. For the last few weeks, when I’m not using Former Glory, I slather my hair in the Time Capsule Mask. This treatment mask is made with a blend of natural oils to nourish and soften the hair. I’ll be honest, I fell in love with this mask the second I opened the jar. The scent is amazing!

The brand recommends leaving Time Capsule on your hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. I’ve left it on for up to an hour while painting my nails or relaxing with a sheet mask. This hair mask finds the perfect balance, it softens my hair and adds shine, without leaving any residue or feeling heavy. Unlike Former Glory, the Time Capsule hair mask has no protein inside, just a gorgeous blend of oils designed to moisturize your hair.

Orlando Pita Play

Time Capsule and Former Glory are paraben-free and designed for color-treated hair. Both products, along with the remainder of the Orlando Pita Play collection is available at Ulta stores and Ulta online. Have you tried any products from Orlando Pita Play? I’d love to hear your recommendations.



*Thanks to Orlando Pita Play for sending these products for review. As always, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest.